The Bernard Family of Palace Anne, County Cork, Ireland.


A Genealogical and Heraldic History
Of The
Extinct And Dormant Baronetcies
Of England, Ireland And Scotland
By John Burke, Esq.
London, 1841.


BERNARD-BEAMISH, ARTHUR, esq., of Palace Anne, in the county of Cork, a justice of the peace and captain commandant of the East Carbery Yeomanry, succeeded to the family estates by the will of his maternal uncle, Thomas Bernard, esq. in 1795, and assumed, in consequence, the surname and arms of BERNARD.

This is a branch of the house of BERNARD, of Castle Bernard, Earls of Bandon, and derives, according to Thomas Hawley, King at Arms temp. Henry VIII. from "Sir Theophilus, a valiant knyghte of German descent, who in 1066, accompanied WILLIAM the Conqueror to England." Subsequently we find the Bernards flourishing in the counties of Westmorland, York and Northampton.

SIR THEOPHILUS, who was son of Sir Egerette, was succeeded by

SIR DORBARD, the first surnamed BERNARD, or Fitz Bernard. His descendants settled at Acornbank in Westmoreland, (according to the authority already quoted) and appear to have continued in that county for many succeeding generations. We learn also, from written annals, that when HENRY II. landed in Ireland, in 1172, he was accompanied by William Fitz Adelm, Humfrey de Bohun, Hugh de Lacy, and ROBERT FITZ BERNARD, and on departure of HENRY from Ireland, Wexford and Waterford were entrusted to Fitz Bernard's custody.

SIR FRANCIS BERNARD, knight, of Acornbank, in Westmoreland, the lineal descendant of Sir Dorbard, married Hannah, daughter of Sir John Pilkington, and was grandfather of

SIR HENRY BERNARD, knight, who married Anne, daughter of Sir John Dawson, of Westmoreland, and had four sons, ROBERT, William, Francis, and Charles. The third son

FRANCIS BERNARD, esq. settled in Ireland temp. QUEEN ELIZABETH, and purchased the estate of Castle Mahon. He left, with two daughters, the elder m. to Sir George Reynolds, and the second to Percy Freke, esq. a son

FRANCIS BERNARD, esq. of Castle Mahon, who m. Elizabeth, daughter of Arthur Freke,* esq. of Rathbury, in the County of Cork, and had issue,

I. FRANCIS, of Castle Mahon, now Castle Bernard, judge of the Common Pleas. He was born in 1663, was Member for Cognakilty, 1st of WILLIAM and MARY, and for Bandon, in 1695. He m. in 1693, Alice, daughter of Stephen Ludlow, grandson of Sir Henry Ludlow, of Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire, and dying in 1721, was buried in the family vault at Ballymoodven church, Bandon, where a handsome monument has been erected as a memorial of his distinguished character and talents. His son and successor,

FRANCIS BERNARD, esq. of Basingbourne Hall, Essex, and of Castle Bernard, in the county of Cork, m. in 1722, Lady Anne Petty, only daughter of Henry, Earl of Shelburne, but dying without surviving issue, was s. (by the eldest son of his brother, Major Ludlow Bernard) his nephew,

JAMES BERNARD, esq. of Castle Bernard, grandfather of the present JAMES, second EARL of BANDON (See BURKE'S Peerage and Baronetage.)

II. ARTHUR, of whom presently.

I. Mary, m. to Eusebius Chute, esq. of Tulligaron, in the county of Kerry. (See vol. iii. p. 43.)

II. ---- m. to Edward, eldest son of Edward Adderley, esq. of Alderley, in Gloucestershire, and of Innishannon, county of Cork, by Mary, his wife, eldest daughter of Sir Matthew Hale, lord chief justice of the King's Bench, in 1671.
They had issue,

i. Francis Adderley (Source: 1719 Will of Francis Adderley of Bandon, County Cork, Ireland.)
Died: 1719
1719 Will of Francis Adderley of Bandon, County Cork, Ireland.
Will: Proved in London 29 July 1719
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17 May 1719
Will mentions "my dear Brother Mathew Adderley... my Two dear and honoured Uncles Francis Bernard of Castlemahon Esq. and Arthur Bernard of Palasan Esq."
+Mary UNKNOWN (Source: 1719 Will of Francis Adderley of Bandon, County Cork, Ireland.)
They had issue,

Thomas Adderley (Source: 1719 Will of Francis Adderley of Bandon, County Cork, Ireland.)

Mary ADDERLEY (Source: 1719 Will of Francis Adderley of Bandon, County Cork, Ireland.)
+Arthur BERNARD Esq.,
Of Palace Anne, County Cork, Ireland (Source: History of the Commoners of Great Britain, Vol. IV, by Burke)
Born: 1716 (Source: History of the Commoners of Great Britain, Vol. IV, by Burke)

ii. Matthew Adderley (Source: 1719 Will of Francis Adderley of Bandon, County Cork, Ireland.)

III. Anne, m. to Robert Fookes, esq. of Youghal.

IV. Katherine, m. to ---- Giffard, esq. of Atherne. Their granddaughter, sole daughter and heiress of Arthur Gifford, esq. m. in 1764, Hon. William Brabason, second son of the seventh Earl of Meath.
Mr. Bernard took an active part in opposing and supressing the turbulent spirit of the times he lived in, and ultimately fell a victim in the cause, being killed in defence of his castle. He and his eldest son, Judge Bernard, appear in a list of persons attained by the Parliament of JAMES II. in 1689, but were restored to their estates on the accession of WILLIAM and MARY.

Mr. Bernard's second son,

ARTHUR BERNARD, esq. of Palace Anne, near Bandon, in the county of Cork, b. in 1666, married Anne, daughter and heir of Roger Le Poer, or Power, of Mount Eglantine, in the county of Waterford, and had issue,

I. ROGER, his heir.

II. Francis.

III. George, who m. a daughter of Sir William Codrington, of Doddington, in Gloucestershire, grandfather of Vice-Admiral Sir Edward Codrington, G.C.B. and had

George, of Heyton Lodge, near Leeds, a general officer in the army and colonel of the 84th Regiment, raised by himself in 1793. He was usher of the black rod during the vice-royalty of CHARLES, fourth Duke of Rutland, in Ireland. General Bernard d. in 1820.

IV. ARTHUR, successor to his nephew.

I. Anne, m. William Conner, esq. ancestor of the Connerville family.

II. Elizabeth, m. to Major Gibbon.

III. Alicia, m. to Benjamin Green, esq. and had an only daughter and heiress m. to the Rev. Arthur Hyde, of Hyde Park, in the county of Cork, father of the late Rev. Arthur Hyde, rector of Killarney.

IV. ---- m. to Charles Gookin, esq. of Lislee, in the county of Cork.

V. Dorothea, m. to William Cooper, esq.

VI. Catherine, m. to Edward Martin, esq. of Cork. Their only daughter married Francis Rowland, esq. mayor of Cork, in 1773, brother of Sir Samuel Rowland, knight, and had one son and two daughters, viz. Edward Rowland, who m. Miss Garde; Mary Rowland, m. to ---- Hanning, esq. of Kilcrone, and Catherine Rowland, m. to ---- Foster, esq of Ballymaloo Castle.

VII. Thomasine, m. to William Coghlan, esq. of Yonghal, father of Jeremiah Coghlan, esq. of Ardo, in the county of Waterford. Jeremiah Coghlan's eldest daughter, Anna, m. in 1795, Henry, Earl of Barrymore, his second daughter wedded the Duc de Castrois, a French noble.

VIII. Margaret, m. to Edward Barret, esq. of Towermore.

IX. Henrietta, m. to Arthur Bernard, barrister at law, son of Judge Bernard.

X. Arabella, d. unmarried.
Mr. Bernard erected, in 1714, the family mansion of Palace Anne, near the river Bandon, where his successors have been since seated. In 1702, he was appointed by the lords chief justices of Ireland, to the command of the Militia Dragoons of East Carberry, a body chiefly composed of free-holders, which, under his direction, performed efficient service on many occassions during the war of Revolution of 1688.

His eldest son,

ROGER BERNARD, esq. of Palace Anne, married a daughter of Harpur, and left at his decease an only child,

ROGER BERNARD, esq. of Palace Anne, high sheriff of the county of Cork, in 1767, at whose decease unmarried, the estates passed to his uncle,

ARTHUR BERNARD, esq. of Palace Anne, b. in 1716, who m. his cousin, Mary Adderley, great granddaughter of Sir Matthew Hale, and had issue,

I. Francis, who d.s.p.

II. THOMAS, heir.

III. Arthur, who m. Margaret, daughter of ---- Warren, esq. of Castle Warren, in the county of Cork, and has with other issue, a son,

Arthur, major H.P. 84th regiment.

I. Elizabeth, m. to Richard Beamish, esq. of Raharoon, in the county of Cork, and had issue,

Thomas Beamish, late major 83rd regiment (deceased).

ARTHUR BEAMISH, successor to his uncle, Thomas Bernard, esq.

Vincent Beamish, lieutenant 8th (King's) regiment, d. in the West Indies.

George Beamish, late lieutenant 84th regiment.

Samuel Beamish, late captain 84th regiment, m. Ellen, daughter of George Byrne, esq. and has issue.

Adderley Beamish, late captain 31st regiment, m. Frances, daughter and heiress of the late General Bernard, by Elizabeth, daughter of Metcalfe Proctor, esq. of Thorpe, Yorkshire.

Richard Beamish, deceased.

Elizabeth Beamish, m. to Thomas Austen, esq. of Sheaf, in the county of Cork.

Mary Beamish, m. to William Sullivan, esq. late major 79th regiment (deceased).

Jane Beamish, deceased.

Anne Beamish.

II. Alicia, m. to the Rev. John Hingston, of Aglis, in the county of Cork. (See family of HINGSTON.)

III. Anne, d. unmarried.
Mr. Bernard, who was provost of Bandon for many years, d. at an advanced age, in 1793, and was s. by his son,

THOMAS BERNARD, esq. of Palace Anne, who m. Harriet, daughter of ---- Lucas, esq. but dying without issue was s. by his nephew, Arthur Beamish, esq. who assumed, in consequence, the surname and arms of BERNARD, and is the present Arthur BEAMISH-BERNARD, esq. of Palace Anne.

Arms - Arg. a bend az. charged with three escallop shells of the 1st.

Crest - A demi lion agr. holding petween his paws a snake ppr.

Motto - Virtus probata florescit.

Estates - In the county of Cork.

Seat - Palace Anne, near Bandon.


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