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Wednesday 5 Nov 2008
Name: Sheila Hale
E-Mail: LordFeldman@aol.com
City/Country: -
Message: My father was Alban James Hale and he was the youngest of nine children. He was born in 1909 and died in 1981.

My father's family lived in Pontypool, South Wales and my father told me they had relatives in Wicklow, Ireland.

I have a brother (Alan John) and I am Sheila Rosemarie.

All I know of our family was that one member of the family called Mary Ann used to run a pub with her husband - who was something of a black sheep as he drank all the profits !!! I met this very old, petite lady at a family dinner many many years ago but would love to make contact with any others who may be related in some way.

Sheila Hale



Wednesday 31 Oct 2007
Name: Ann Crampton
E-Mail: ann.crampton@btinternet.com
City/Country: U.K.
Message: Am trying to trace further details regarding a George Hale who married Ann ???. George was born 1679 ish. George and Ann had 5 children - Elizabeth born 13.05.1703; George 01.02.1704; Thomas 5.10.1706; Charles 19.01.1708 and Robert 13.02.1713. I am descendant of Charles but have drawn a blank with any details from here back although I have been informed that George Hale could have been George Howell who married an Ann!! Why the name change? Anyway, if anyone has further detail I would love to hear from you.

Many thanks.

Ann Crampton (nee Hale)



Friday 25 August 2006
Name: Liz
E-Mail: liz@dream-weaver.com
City/Country: -
Message: I am researching the BUCKTON family and find that Ellen Anna BUCKTON
married George Edward DAY in 1841.
His mother was Mary HALE, a descendent of Sir Matthew HALE.
His father was George DAY, of Manorabon House, Swansea, Wales, his
grand father George was physician to the Nabob of Arcot.
George Edward DAY born 1815 was raised by his grandmother, Mrs HALE.
He too became a Doctor and had two sons and four daughters and died
in 1872.
Can anyone help?



Monday 6 February 2006
Name: Sue Keeler
E-Mail: keelers@tiscali.co.uk
City/Country: U.K.
Message: I am trying to trace my great grandfather Charles Hale born in 1862/3 in Clapham, London. He married Annie Bateman and had 3 children, Richard, Andrew and Eva (My Grandmother) On the 1901 census he was a House Decorator. The story handed down is that he was descended from Lord Chief Justice Matthew Hale and that his family were a wealthy one. What money he had was lost in a law suit. He apparently met my great grandmother at a house party where she was a servant, fell in love and got married but because she was considered beneath him he was cut off. Apart from finding him on the 1901 census I cannot trace his family at all. Any ideas?



Saturday 28 January 2006
Name: Annette Wilkinson
E-Mail: ewo29845@bigpond.com
City/Country: N.S.W. Australia
Message: I have a Mary Hale who married Daniel Batt on the 27 Feb 1816 at Therfield, Hertfordshire, England. The thing is I don't know who her parents and brothers and sisters are. Can anyone help?



Monday 9 January 2006
Name: Trish Hale
E-Mail: trish31@tpg.com.au
City/Country: Sydney/Australia
Message: I am trying to locate descendents or knowledge of William Thomas Hale.
Born 1865 in Melbourne, Victoria – Parents – Joseph Richard Hale and Elizabeth (Tucker).
I cannot find any entry in the 1899 or 1901 Melbourne census.
It is believed he went to live in PERTH, or elsewhere in W.A.
Trish Hale.



Sunday 8 January 2006
Name: David Hale
E-Mail: dwhale@internode.on.net
City/Country: Adelaide/Australia
Message: I am searching for a John HALE who moved to Wokingham, Berkshire, in 1729. He married Rose SKYE in Wokingham on 2 October 1729, and is recorded as being from the parish of Henley-On-Thames in Oxon.
However, after 13 years of searching I still cannot find John. I have searched the Henley registers but cannot find him, so I do not think that he was born in Henley.
Does anyone have a John HALE who fits the bill, or have a known HALE association with Wokingham in the early 1700s?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Wednesday 27 November 2002
Name: Vivien
E-Mail: mdpalmer@ukgateway.net
City/Country: -
Message: Have just found your website and am very impressed! I am struck by the likeness of William Hale born 1809 Woolwich to my father's family.

My great-grandfather was Frederick Hale born 1846 in Paddington, Middlesex, he kept a public house The Glover Arms in Worcester, was married to Mary Ann and they had 5 sons. I believe one son carried on with the pub. I always thought the family originated in Worcester until I found them on the 1881 census.



Monday 7 October 2002
Name: Judy HALE
E-Mail: JHALE6_2002@MSN.COM
City/Country: BELVIDERE, IL
Message: I am looking for information on Hobart Hale From Indiana. Parents names & if had Siblings. Married Dorothy Nelson. He died in the 50's



Friday 20 September 2002
Name: Steve Hale
E-Mail: sales@woodlandsgardencentre.com
City/Country: England
Message: I am looking for the family of Dr EDWARD TREVOR HALE b 13 10 1899 son of EDWARD PRITCHETT HALE. He had three sons John Stephen, Edward Peter and Michael and then by another marriage Christopher Trevor and David Malcolm possibly in England, Canada or Australia. I would like to contact them as they are my cousins.



Friday 13 September 2002
Name: Vita
E-Mail: vitavonwedel@t-online.de
City/Country: Hamburg, Germany
Message: GREAT site! Why havenīt I found it before? - I descend directly from Sir Matthew Hale: from his daughter Mary and her daughter Mary Adderley. She married Arthur Bernard of Palace Anne, Co.Cork (almost next door to the old Adderley home Innishannon).



Monday 26 August 2002
Name: Gail
E-Mail: glowe@austarmetro.com.au
City/Country: -
Message: Elizabeth Hale m 1884 in Cheshire England. Her father was William Hale, he was a carter. Elizabeth had a sister Ann (I think) This is my brick wall. Can anyone help find this family?



Sunday 18 August 2002
Name: Sherri Hale
Homepage: http://members.aol.com/aslaton300/index.htm
E-Mail: aslaton300@aol.com
City/Country: Temple, Texas
Message: I am very interested in the Hales of England and have in my possession a copy of the Will of Robert Hale. It's on my web site. You have done great work and I appreciate the information since I am unable to travel that far.



Tuesday 11 June 2002
Name: Wendy H Young (nee Stewart of Steward)
E-Mail: wendhill53@hotmail.com
City/Country: Alberta, Canada
Message: Looking for any info on Lillian Hale or (Lilly). I believe she was my grandmother on my fathers side. She must have lived around Suffolk England during 1920"s or 1930's. Had one or perhaps two sons, one being my father Ian Champion Stewart (Steward) born March 6th 1925.



Sunday 14 April 2002
Name: Wendy Phillips
E-Mail: wendy@amcom.co.nz
City/Country: New Zealand
Message: I am the Grandaughter of Charles Henry Hale and Elizabeth (Bridgens) He lived at Greenwich England until 1914, emigrated to Australia approx 1920



Tuesday 9 April 2002
Name: Wesley Hale
E-Mail: skypilot@prodigy.net
City/Country: California U.S.A.
Message: Am looking for info on George Hale, passenger #10 on ship called The Supply, sailed out of England 3 weeks after The Mayflower.



Monday 1 April 2002
Name: Sheila Hale
E-Mail: Arthur717@comcast.net
City/Country: U.S.A.
Message: I am looking for any desendants of CHARLES HENRY HALE and, or ELIZABETH HALE - formerly BRIDGENS. In the early 1900's they lived in London, England. They divorced and Charles moved to Australia with some of the children, my father being one of them.



Friday 22 February 2002
Name: Bradley Michael Hale
Homepage: http://bradleymhale.tripod.com
E-Mail: bradleymhale@lycos.com
City/Country: Rutland ,Massachusetts USA
Message: I was trying to get a picture of thr Hale coat of arms. If you see my site I got one but it is ruined by the word sample across it. i know very little about my dad's family as fro anything past grandparents. I beleive my grandfathers parents were from Michigan,USA. He died in 1968, before I was born. i'm pretty sure i may be some how related to Nathan Hale from the American revolutionary war mainly because at the local Art museum in Worcester, MA usa there is a Bronze statue of him and I have the same facial features.Would you happen to have a picture of the Hale code of arms?



Sunday 10 February 2002
Name: lillian dolson
E-Mail: lootie@voyager.net
City/Country: jackson, mi. u.s.a
Message: just trying to find my grandfathers line.john clinton hale m. henrietta ankney , they were from defiance and pauldingck wall on finding anything out on finding my ggfathers name. thank you, lillian



Monday 4 February 2002
Name: Lance Hale
E-Mail: mpchile@aol.com
City/Country: Murrieta, CA, USA
Message: I'd like to track down my ancesters. Just have my Dad's name: Jesse Hale.



Thursday 6 December 2001
Name: Frederick Girvin Hale
E-Mail: derf2@mindspring.com
City/Country: Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, USA
Message: Am researching the Hale family of lawyers in Mississippi. In particular, Paul Cecil Newton Hale born in 1902 in town of Sherman, county of Pontotoc, Ms.



Tuesday 30 October 2001
Name: Gerald L. Hale
E-Mail: IowaGob@juno.com
City/Country: Deltona, FL
Message: I have researched James and Anthony Hale of Lydney, Gloucestershire who came to Story County, Iowa. My research is good from James and Anthony forward but have very little from England.



Saturday 1 September 2001
Name: Rosemary Hale
E-Mail: rosemaryhale@xtra.co.nz,b.d.hale@xtra.co.nz
City/Country: NZ

Your page is great, thankyou. I have traced back to Thomas Hale married Mary Hill 1841 Melbourne.Thomas was born in Guernsey about 1821, Mary b Port Isaac,
Cornwall about 1814 from marriage cert details and their youngest son, our elusive Samuel Joel Hale b about 1852, Melb. from his marriage cert, one of 6 children, from mother's (Mary Hill) death cert. Would anyone please know anything of Thomas Hale born in Guernsey 1820/1822? He was married in 1841, Melbourne, to Mary Hill and settled there. Thanks.
Sincerely, Rosemary Hale



Thursday 30 August 2001
Name: Elizabeth Jane Hale
E-Mail: haleliz@hotmail.com
City/Country: Chatham, Kent
Message: I am interesting in tracing my family tree but only have the names and dates for my paternal grandparents:
Percy Victor Hale b. 1900 d 1972
Dora Edith Hale nee Staden d 1974
They lived in Eltham but family could have come from the Woolwich area. If anyone has any information that may help I would appreciate being contacted. Many thanks.



Wednesday 8 August 2001
Name: Ann Wickham
E-Mail: cp.wickham@xtra.co.nz
City/Country: Auckland, New Zealand
Message: Searching for William Hale, b Deptford, abt 1790, m Catherine Britton 16 May 1815, Lewisham, London.



Sunday 3 June 2001
Name: Trish Riley
E-Mail: StrawberryRiley@aol.com
City/Country: Palm Bay, Florida
Message: My gggg-grandfather is supposed to be Francis Xavier Hale from Great Britain. One of his sons was Charles Wesley Hale, born in the US. His daughter was Margaret Ann Catherine Hale, who married an Evans in Baltimore Md. One of their children was Alverta Lavinia Evans, who was my grandmother. Do you know anything abour Francis Xavier Hale. My mother thought he was an organist or into organ repair.
Patricia Evans Riley.



Saturday 2 June 2001
Name: Daphne Hughes
Message: My g g grandfather was George Heal born 1800 in Midsomer Norton Somerset. He married Theodosia Gay in 1821.
A number of their descendants were registered as Hale or their name changed from Heal to Hale when they moved from Somerset to Wales and Durham.
The Welsh folk stayed as Hale, the Durham as Heal.
Is there anyone else connected to George and Theodosia?



Friday 1 June 2001
Name: Kristin Ratliff
E-Mail: kmarier2001@yahoo.com
City/Country: Auburn,New York USA
Message: Researching Hale's in England for my husband's Grandmother. Her father was George Hale,born in Somersetshire England in 1889.Brothers were Thomas, Henry, Arthur ,and William. Had a sister (unknown 1st name), Mrs.Henry Sweet. Their parents were William Henry and Mary (Willis) Hale. George, Thomas, Henry and Arthur immigrated to the United States. Don't have much to go on - but if you find any connections, I would love to hear from you! Great site - keep up the good work!



Monday 28 May 2001
Name: Ken Davis
E-Mail: kdavis@oceanreef.wa.edu.au
City/Country: Perth W.A.
Message: Edwin John Hale (S.A. Hale) was my great grandfather's (Charles Edward) father. Charles Hale came to Western Australia from Maldon Victoria in the 1890's I am interested in tracing back Edwin John to England. I believe he jumped ship in South Australia to escape a cruel captain married Sarah Rebecca Cropper and moved to Victoria during the gold rush there



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