Hale Families Of Lancashire

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Stephen Nuckle Hale
born 1835,







The Family of Stephen Nuckle Hale
of Brighton Le Sands, Lancashire.

3 Stephen Nuckle Hale
Born: 1835, Broadstairs, Kent.
Baptised: 10 April 1835, St. Peter's, Broadstairs, Kent.
Father: Edward John Hale
Mother: Maria Wilhelmina (surname not known)
+Elizabeth Ann Pritchett
Baptised: 12 Mar 1834, St. Peter, Broadstairs, Kent.
Married: 9 Jun 1860, St. Pancras Old Church, London, England.
Father: Dr. George Miller Pritchett
Mother: Elizabeth Eaton Hale

4 Mary Elizabeth Stephania Hale
Born: 27 July 1861, Woburn Hill, Liverpool, Lancashire, England.

4 Ann B. Hale
Born: c1867, Rock Ferry, Cheshire, England.

4 Edward Pritchett Hale
Born: 22 August 1867, Rock Ferry, Cheshire, England.

5 Dr Edward Trevor Hale
Born: 13 October 1899.
+(1) Eileen Rosmary Garrat
+(2) Barbra Hope

5 Geoffrey Bonfield Hale
Born: 09 July 1902
+ Hannah Ramsden Harrison
Married: 1926

5 Roland Pritchett Hale
Born: 16 11 1908
+Constance Taylor
Married: 1937

4 Ethel J. Hale
Born: c1870, Brighton Le Sands, Lancashire, England.

4 Stephen G. Hale
Born: c1872, Brighton Le Sands, Lancashire, England.

4 Hilda M. Hale
Born: c1873, Brighton Le Sands, Lancashire, England.


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