The Moore Family of Fawley, Berkshire, England.

1 Sir Francis Moore,
Born: at East Hildersly, or Ilderley, near Wantage, in Berkshire, England.
Died: 20 Nov (sic) 1621, aged 63. (Source: Burke's Extinct And Dormant Baronetcies, 1841)
Buried: 25 Sep 1621, St Mary's Parish Church, Fawley, Berkshire, England. (Source: NBI)
Will: Proved 3 November 1621 - Will of Sir Francis Moore, Serjeant at Law of Fawley, Berkshire.
+Anne Twitty
Married: Unknown
Father: William Twitty, Esq., of Boreham, Essex.

2 Francis Moore
Died: at Lyons, unmarried.

2 Henry Moore
Born: c1596
Created a Baronet 21st Mary 1627
Died: c1635
Buried: 1 Mar 1634/35, St Mary's Parish Church, Fawley, Berkshire, England.
+Elizabeth Beverley
Baptised: 11 Feb 1600, Clophill, Bedfordshire, England.
Married: 31 Aug 1620, Clophill, Bedfordshire, England. (Source: IGI, Submitted. Unproven.)
Father: William Beverley, Esq., of Kenoe, in Bedfordshire.
Mother: Mary Pooer

3 Sir Henry Moore
1st marriage of Sir Henry Moore:
+Judith Campbell
Father: Mr. Alderman Campbell, of London.

4 Judith Moore
Died young.

2nd marriage of Sir Henry Moore:
+ Mary Hitchcock
Father: William Hitchcock, Esq., of Knitely, Buckinghamshire.

4 Francis Moore
+Frances Jermin
Father: Alexander Jermin, Esq., of Cordington, Sussex.

4 William Moore
+Anne Wells
Father: Henry Wells, Esq., of Brambridge, Hampshire.

3 Sir John Moore
+ Miss Pooley
London Marriage Licence:
Moore, Sir St. John, of Mayden Court, co. Berks, knight, bachelor, 27, and Frances Poley, of St. Sepulchre, London, spinster, about 20, consent of mother, Frances Crompton, alias Poley, widow - in parish church or chapel of the Savoy, or elsewhere in the diocese of London. 28 Dec. 1661. B.

3 Anne Moore
Born: 1612
Died: 1660 (Source: GRO, Alderley PRs)
Buried: 23 Jan 1659/60, Alderley, Gloucestershire. (Source: Alderley PRs)
Grandchild to Sir Francis Moore, Sergeant at Law.
+Matthew Hale
(Sir Matthew HALE, Lord Chief Justice Of England 1671-1676)
Born: 1 November 1609, Alderley, Gloucestershire.
Baptised: 5 Nov 1609, Alderley, Gloucestershire.
Guardian: Anthony Kingscote, Esq., of Kingscote, Gloucestershire.
Married: 15 Apr 1639, Clophill, Bedfordshire, England (Source: IGI, from PRs)
Knighted: 30 Jan 1661, at Whitehall.
Died: 25 December 1676, Alderley, Gloucestershire.

3 Elizabeth Moore
+Sir Seymour Pile, baronet, of Axford, Wiltshire, and of Oxford.
Married: 2 Oct 1648, Andover, Hampshire, England. (Source: IGI, from PRs)

3 Frances Moore
+Gabriel Pile, Esq., of Okemarsh, in Berkshire.
Married: 31 Mar 1655, Of Covent Garden, London, England. (Source: IGI, Submitted. Unproven.)

3 Margaret Moore
+William Duckett, Esq.

2 William Moore
+Jane? Blount
Married: c1638, Mapledurham, Oxford, England. (Source: IGI, Submitted. Unproven.)

2 Margaret Moore
Of Fawley, Berkshire, England. (Source: IGI, Submitted. Unproven.)
+Sir Jeffrey Palmer, knt.
Attorney-General to King Charles II.
Born: 1598, Carlton Curlieu, Leicestershire, England. (Source: IGI, Submitted. Unproven.)
Married: c1639 (Source: IGI, Submitted. Unproven.)
Died: 5 May 1670 (Source: IGI, Submitted. Unproven.)
Father: Thomas Palmer (Source: IGI, Submitted. Unproven.)
Mother: Catherine Watson (Source: IGI, Submitted. Unproven.)

3 Thomas Palmer
Born: c1637, Carlton Curlieu, Leicestershire, England. (Source: IGI, Submitted. Unproven.)

3 Lewis Palmer
Born: c1639, Carlton Curlieu, Leicestershire, England. (Source: IGI, Submitted. Unproven.)
Died: 1724. (Source: IGI, Submitted. Unproven.)

3 Edward Palmer
Born: c1643, Carlton Curlieu, Leicestershire, England. (Source: IGI, Submitted. Unproven.)
+Margaret Marshall
Married: 7 Aug 1665, Carlton Curlieu, Leicestershire, England. (Source: IGI, from PRs.)

3 Geoffrey Palmer
Born: 1641, Carlton Curlieu, Leicestershire, England. (Source: IGI, Submitted. Unproven.)
Died: 3 Oct 1661 (Source: IGI, Submitted. Unproven.)

3 Elizabeth Palmer
Born: c1645, Carlton Curlieu, Leicestershire, England. (Source: IGI, Submitted. Unproven.)

3 Catharine Palmer
Born: c1647, Carlton Curlieu, Leicestershire, England. (Source: IGI, Submitted. Unproven.)

3 Frances Palmer
Born: c1649, Carlton Curlieu, Leicestershire, England. (Source: IGI, Submitted. Unproven.)

2 Anne Moore
+John Jerningham, Esq.

2 Elizabeth Moore
+Sir Richard Blount, of Maple Durham, Oxfordshire.
Marriage: 1613, Fawley, Berkshire, England. (Source: IGI, Submitted. Unproven.)

2 Dorothy Moore
Died unmarried.





A Genealogical and Heraldic History
Of The
Extinct And Dormant Baronetcies
Of England, Ireland And Scotland
By John Burke, Esq.
London, 1841.

21st May, 1627.
10th April, 1807.


Of this ancient family, the first mentioned,
Francis Moore, was father of

Roger Moore, who m. Elizabeth, daughter of -- Hall, of Bradford, and had issue,

Richard Moore, who by his wife, Elizabeth, daughter of William Brocas, esq. of Beaupre, Hants, had two sons,

Richard, his heir.

George, m. Isabella Gore, and had a son,

Edward, whose son and heir,

Edward, of the county of Wilts, m. Eleanor, daughter of Reynolds, of Trowbridge, and had a son,

John Moore, of Ewell, whom m. Agnes, daughter of of Henry Bartlet, and left issue.

The elder son,
Richard Moore, Esq., of Burfield, in the county of Berks, m. Catherine Arlott, and had issue,

John, who inherited Burfield, and was twenty-two years of age at the decease of his father, m. Elizabeth Wittingstall, and left an only daughter and heiress,

Elizabeth Moore, m. John Mahew, Esq.

Elizabeth, m. Sir John Williams, of Thame, in the county of Oxford, and had issue,

Sir Reginald Williams, who left an only daughter & heir,

Elizabeth, m. Laurence Lovett, esq., of Liscombe, Bucks.

John Williams, who was created by Queen Mary, Lord Williams, of Thame. (See Burke's Extinct Peerage.)

Isabella, m. John D'Oyley, esq.

Christian, m. Henry Wilkins, esq.

Matilda, m. Robert Lechingham, esq. of Buckinghamshire.

Alice, m. John Ralphe, esq.


Beside these children, Richard Moore is stated to have had a younger son, named after himself, viz.

Richard Moore, who was father of

William Moore, esq. who m. daughter of Hildesly, of Hildesly, and left a son and heir,

Edward Moore, esq. who died in first year of Elizabeth, leaving by Elizabeth his wife, daughter and heir of Hall, of Tilehurst, in Berks,

Sir Francis Moore, knt. an eminent person in the time of Elizabeth, of whom the following details are given by Anthony Wood. "He was born at East Hildersly, or Ilderley, near Wantage, in Berks, educated in Grammar learning at Reading, entered a Commoner in St. John's College, Oxford, 1574, or thereabouts, continued there till near Batchelor's Standing, and then he retired to the Middle Temple, where after severe encounters had with the crabbed parts of the municipal laws, he became a Barrister, and noted for his great proficiency in his profession, and integrity in his dealings. In the latter end of Queen Elizabeth, and beginning of King James, he was several times elected a Burgess, to sit in Parliament, in which he was a frequent speaker; afterwards he was Counsellor, and Under Steward for several years to the University of Oxford; the members of which conferred upon him the degree of Master of Arts, in 1612. Two years after, he was made Serjeant-at-law, and in 1616, Mary 17, received the honor of Knighthood at Theobalds, from his Majesty, King James I. After his death some of Works were published, which bear these titles,

Cases collected and reported from the original in French, that then (1663) remained in the hands of Sir Jeffrey Palmer, Attorney General to King Charles the 2nd, which is the same, as I take it, written fairly with the Author's hand in fol. that was lately in the library of Arthur, Earl of Anglesey.

His learned reading 4 James 1st, in the Middle Temple Hall, concerning Charitable Uses, abridged by himself. London, 1676, fol. published by George Duke, of the Inner Temple, Esq.

Our Author, F. Moore, was a member of that parliament, as it seems, wherein the Statute concerning Charitable Uses was made, and was, as 'tis farther added, the penner thereof. At length paying the last debt to nature on the 20th November 1621, aged 63, was buried in a Vault under the Church at Great Fawley, near to Wantage, before mentioned, in which Vault his posterity (who are Baronets, living in that parish) have been since, and are hitherto interred, as I have been instructed by his grandson, Sir Henry Moore, Bart." So far Anthony Wood - further may be stated that Sir Francis m. Anne, daughter of William Twitty, esq. of Boreham, in Essex, and had issue,

I. Francis, d. at Lyons, unm.

II. Henry, aged twenty-one in 1617.

III. William, m. Mrs. Blount, and left a son,

Francis, m. Mary, daughter of Edward Cary, esq. of Torr Abbey.

I. Margaret, m. Sir Jeffrey Palmer, knt. attorney-general to King Charles II.

II. Anne, m. John Jerningham, esq. eldest son of Sir Henry Jerningham, first baronet of Cossy Hall, in Norfolk, and was mother of Sir Henry Jerningham, the second baronet.

III. Elizabeth, m. Sir Richard Blount, of Maple Durham, Oxfordshire.

IV. Dorothy, d. unm.

The eldest surviving son and heir,
Henry Moore, esq. of Fawley, in the county of Berks, was created a Baronet 21st May, 1627. He m. Elizabeth, daughter of William Beverley, esq. of Kenoe (Cainhoe), in the county of Bedford, and had issue,

Henry, his successor.

St. John (Sir), who m. Miss Pooley, and had several children, who all d.s.p.

Anne, m. to Sir Matthew Hale, knt, lord chief justice of England.

Elizabeth, m. to Sir Seymour Pile, bart. of Oxford, in Wilts.

Frances, m. to Gabriel Pile, esq. of Okemarsh, in Berkshire.

Margaret, m. to William Duckett, esq.

Sir Henry d. about the year 1635, and was s. by his eldest son,

II. Sir Henry Moore, who wedded, first, Judith, daughter of Mr. Alderman Campbell, of London, and by her had one daughter, Judith, who d. young. He m. secondly Mary, daughter of William Hitchcock, esq. of Knitely, in the county of Bucks, by whom he had

Francis, who m. Frances, daughter and sole heir of Alexander Jermin, esq. of Cordington, in Sussex, and left, at his decease in his father's lifetime,

Richard, successor to his grandfather.

Henry,twin with his elder brother, d. unm. 8th June 1734.


Catherine, d. unm.

Anne, d. unm.

Dorothy, d. unm.

Mary, d. unm.

William, m. Anne, daughter of Henry Wells, esq. of Brambridge, Hants.

He d. about 1690, and was s. by his grandson,

III. Sir Richard Moore, who m. Anastasia, daughter and co-heir of John Aylward, esq. of London, and had eight sons and six daughters, viz.

I. Francis, d. an infant.

II. Richard, his successor.

III. John, heir to his brother.

IV. Francis, d. young.

V. James, d.s.p.

VI. Henry, d.s.p.

VII. Thomas, heir to his brother John.

VIII. William.

I. Frances, m. Richard Harcourt, of London, merchant, and d.s.p.

II. Mary.

III. Helena.

IV. Anastasia.

V. Elizabeth.

VI. Anne.

He d. 10th December, 1737, and was s. by his eldest surviving son,

IV. Sir Richard Moore, who d. unm. 15th June, 1738, and was s. by his brother,

V. Sir John Moore, who sold the manor of Fawley in 1765 to the Vansittarts, from whom it was purchased in 1778, by Bartholomew Tipping, esq. whose niece and heir, Mary-Anne, m. the Rev. Philip Wroughton. Sir John d.s.p. 25th Aug. 1790 and was s. by his brother,

VI. Sir Thomas Moore, who d. issueless 10th April, 1807, when the Baronetcy expired.

Arms - Argent, a moor cock, sable, combed and wattled, gules.



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