Hail Wills Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

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Description of Will
(Arranged Chronologically)
Probate Date PRO Catalogue Reference
  Will of William Haile, Joiner of Saint Botolph without Bishopsgate, City of London 15 May 1650 PROB 11/212
  Will of Elizabeth Hailes, Widow of Stepney, Middlesex 22 March 1665 PROB 11/316
  Will of Robert Haile, Skinner of London 26 April 1665 PROB 11/316
  Will of John Hailes, Cordwainer of Blackfriars, City of London 16 August 1665 PROB 11/317
  Will of Rosamond Hayles or Hailes, Widow of Saint Botolph without Aldgate, City of London 04 February 1673 PROB 11/341
  Will of George Haile, Husbandman of Deptford, Kent 31 August 1682 PROB 11/370
  Will of Daniel Hailes, Mariner now in His Majesty's Ship Mordant of Rotherhithe, Surrey 05 September 1684 PROB 11/377
  Will of John Hailes, Mariner now bound to Sea as Commander of Their Majesty's Ship Virgin Prize of London 29 December 1693 PROB 11/417
  Will of Ester Haile, Widow of Saint Olave Southwark, Surrey 01 July 1696 PROB 11/432
  Will of Agnes Hailes or Hales, Widow of Saint Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex 28 April 1698 PROB 11/445
  Will of Andrew Haile, Mariner belonging to their Majesty's Ship New Cornwall of Saint Olave Southwark, Surrey 23 August 1703 PROB 11/471
  Will of John Haile or Heale, Gentleman now belonging to the Merchant Good Ship called the Orien Zeepe 10 May 1710 PROB 11/516
  Will of Edward Hale or Hail, Mariner now belonging to His Majesty's Ship Lynn 17 June 1719 PROB 11/569
  Will of John Hailes, of His Majesty's Ship Ipswich, Mariner 14 February 1723 PROB 11/589
More information is available about this individual Will of Andrew Haile, Barge Master of Henley upon Thames, Oxfordshire 11 January 1727 PROB 11/613
  Will of John Hailes, Mariner and Cook belonging to His Majesty's Ship Scarborough of Portsmouth, Hampshire 09 July 1728 PROB 11/623
  Will of William Hail or Hayle, Mariner of Chester, Cheshire 10 April 1730 PROB 11/636
  Will of Samuel Hailes, Whip Maker of Saint Katherine Creechurch, City of London 23 June 1737 PROB 11/683
  Will of Mary Haile, Widow of Daglingworth, Gloucestershire 21 October 1741 PROB 11/712
  Will of William Hailes or Hales, Brandyman of Saint Pauls Covent Garden, Middlesex 13 July 1742 PROB 11/719
  Will of Ann Haill, Spinster of Saint Margaret Westminster, Middlesex 20 December 1750 PROB 11/784
  Will of Wright Hailes otherwise Hales, Mariner belonging to His Majesty's Ship Ruby 20 July 1752 PROB 11/796
  Will of George Hailes, Gentleman of Saint George Hanover Square, Middlesex 26 July 1754 PROB 11/809
  Will of John Hail, Mariner belonging to His Majesty's Ship Neptune 19 July 1759 PROB 11/847
  Will of Francis Hail, Outward bound in the Good Ship the Warwick 15 July 1762 PROB 11/878
  Will of James Hails, Seaman belonging to His Majesty's Cutter Goodwill 19 February 1766 PROB 11/916
  Will of John Haile, Carpenter of His Majesty's Ship Firm of Portsea, Hampshire 13 January 1791 PROB 11/1200
  Will of George Hailes, Acting Surgeon on Board His Majesty's Sloop Rattle Shake now in English Harbour in the Island of Antigua 11 September 1794 PROB 11/1249
  Will of Daniel Hailes, Purser of His Majesty's Ship Bellina 19 December 1794 PROB 11/1253
  Will of Frances Haill, Spinster of Framlingham, Suffolk 26 September 1805 PROB 11/1431
  Will of James Hailes, Gentleman of Saint Dunstan Stepney, Middlesex 18 March 1808 PROB 11/1475
  Will of George Hailes, Grocer of Bury Saint Edmunds, Suffolk 06 November 1821 PROB 11/1650
  Will of Thomas Hailes, Gentleman of Walworth, Surrey 03 December 1827 PROB 11/1734
  Will of George Hailes, Lieutenant in the Royal Navy of Felixtowe, Suffolk 08 December 1827 PROB 11/1734
  Will of Daniel Hailes of Saint George Hanover Square, Middlesex 04 April 1835 PROB 11/1845
  Will of Ann Hailes, Widow of Thorney, Cambridgeshire 22 April 1837 PROB 11/1876
  Will of Susan Hailes, Widow of Ipswich, Suffolk 15 April 1844 PROB 11/1996
  Will of Richard Hailing of Saint Mary Abbotts Kensington, Middlesex 10 April 1845 PROB 11/2015
  Will of Richard Hailing of Bayswater, Middlesex 23 May 1845 PROB 11/2018
  Will of Valentine Austin Haile, Paymaster and Purser of the Royal Navy and at this date belonging to Her Majesty's Steam Sloop the Scourge at Portsmouth 10 July 1848 PROB 11/2078
  Will of John Hailes, Gentleman of Linton, Cambridgeshire 20 October 1848 PROB 11/2082
  Will of John Henry Hailes, Gentleman of Islington, Middlesex 31 December 1849 PROB 11/2104
  Will of James Hailes of No 17 New Street Dorset Square London 02 February 1850 PROB 11/2107
  Will of Martin Hunter Hailes, Captain of the Tenth Regiment of Bengal Light Cavalry of Berhampore, East Indies 24 March 1853 PROB 11/2168
  Will of William Hailes, Grocer of Epsom, Surrey 29 August 1855 PROB 11/2217
  Will of William Hailes, Meat Salesman of Merton, Surrey 02 February 1857 PROB 11/2246



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