Hayle Wills Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

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Description of Will
(Arranged Chronologically)
Probate Date PRO Catalogue Reference
Will of Stephen Hayles, Gentleman of Newland Coventry, Warwickshire 01 March 1650 PROB 11/211
Will of Abraham Hayle 11 August 1657 PROB 11/267
Will of Rosamond Hayles or Hailes, Widow of Saint Botolph without Aldgate, City of London 04 February 1673 PROB 11/341
Will of Robert Hayle, Leather Seller of London 12 January 1680 PROB 11/362
Will of Peter Hayles, Mariner of Saint Mary Magdalene Bermondsey, Surrey 18 August 1680 PROB 11/363
Will of Anne Hayles, Widow of Saint Mary Magdalen Bermondsey, Surrey 06 November 1680 PROB 11/364
Will of Peter Hayle, Glassmaster of Saint Botolph Aldgate, City of London 22 February 1705 PROB 11/480
Will of Ladd Hayles, Gentleman of London 20 February 1706 PROB 11/486
Will of Richard Hayle, Mariner of Saint Paul Shadwell, Middlesex 03 November 1707 PROB 11/497
Sentence of Peter Hayle of Saint Botolph Aldgate London 21 January 1710 PROB 11/517
Will of William Hail or Hayle, Mariner of Chester, Cheshire 10 April 1730 PROB 11/636
Will of Joseph Hayles, Ropemaker of Bewdley, Worcestershire 09 September 1732 PROB 11/653
Will of John Hayles, Ticket Porter of Saint Gregory, City of London 07 January 1740 PROB 11/700
Will of Joseph Hales or Hayles, Mariner belonging to His Majesty's Ship Rippon 05 February 1750 PROB 11/776
Will of John Hayle, Gentleman of Newent, Gloucestershire 10 December 1757 PROB 11/834
Will of Jane Hayle, Widow of Saint Paul Shadwell, Middlesex 19 March 1759 PROB 11/844
Will of Hezekiah Hayle, Grocer of All Hallows Barking, Essex 28 March 1765 PROB 11/907
Will of Richard Hayles, Surgeon of Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 18 May 1781 PROB 11/1078
Will of Joh Hayles, Mercer and Draper of Newport Isle of Wight, Hampshire 26 April 1786 PROB 11/1141
Will of Joseph Hayling of Westminster, Middlesex 23 January 1796 PROB 11/1270
Will of Edward Hayles, Tailor of Saint Martin in the Fields, Middlesex 08 April 1797 PROB 11/1289
Will of Thomas Hayles, Victualler of Portsea, Hampshire 10 October 1798 PROB 11/1313
Will of Martha Hayles, Widow of Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 24 December 1799 PROB 11/1334
Will of Francis Hayle, Gentleman of Marlesford, Suffolk 31 December 1805 PROB 11/1435
Will of John Hoyle otherwise Hayle, now Boatswains Mate of His Majesty's Ship Orion 02 June 1809 PROB 11/1499
Will of Benjamin Hayles, Plumber and Painter of Saint Luke Chelsea, Middlesex 26 April 1815 PROB 11/1567
Will of Edward Hayles, Gentleman of Newport in the Isle of Wight, Hampshire 22 July 1815 PROB 11/1570
Will of John Hayles, Grocer of Portsmouth, Hampshire 14 August 1815 PROB 11/1571
Will of Joseph Hayling of Saint James's Westminster, Middlesex 30 May 1817 PROB 11/1592
Will of Mary Hayles, Spinster of Bury Saint Edmunds, Suffolk 13 February 1822 PROB 11/1653
Will of Mary Hayle otherwise Hale, Widow of Martlesham, Suffolk 15 July 1829 PROB 11/1758
Will of Richard Hayling, Tanner of Leominster, Herefordshire 27 October 1830 PROB 11/1777
Will of Francis Hayle, Gentleman of Aldringham Cottage near Saxmundham, Suffolk 08 October 1845 PROB 11/2025
Will of Robert Ford Hayles, Haberdasher and Hosier of No 9 Caledonian Terrace Caledonian Road, Middlesex 07 October 1846 PROB 11/2043
Will of Anna Maria Hayling, Widow of Leominster, Herefordshire 21 July 1848 PROB 11/2078
Will of James Hayles, Woollen Draper of Wisbech Saint Peters, Cambridgeshire 07 February 1853 PROB 11/2167
Will of Jane Hayles, Spinster of Saint Andrew the Less commonly called Barnwell, Cambridgeshire 19 December 1853 PROB 11/2182
Will of Benjamin Hayles, Chemist of Ealing, Middlesex 12 July 1854 PROB 11/2194
Will of Caroline Hayles of Bath, Somerset 29 January 1855 PROB 11/2204



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