Heal Wills Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

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Description of Will
(Arranged Chronologically)
Probate Date PRO Catalogue Reference
Will of Robert Heale, Yeoman of Kings Nympton, Devon 16 May 1651 PROB 11/216
Will of Hannyball Heale, Yeoman of Rings Ash, Devon 13 June 1651 PROB 11/217
Will of Thomas Heales, Yeoman of Coggeshall, Essex 01 September 1652 PROB 11/224
Will of Giles Heale, Surgeon of Saint Giles in the Fields, Middlesex 26 April 1653 PROB 11/231
Will of William Heale, Yeoman of Melbury Sampford, Dorset 20 June 1653 PROB 11/231
Will of Richard Heale, Blacksmith of Hutton, Somerset 29 June 1653 PROB 11/228
Will of Matthew Heale of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire 13 June 1681 PROB 11/366
Will of Thomas Heale, Clothier of Buckland Dinham, Somerset 18 November 1681 PROB 11/368
Will of John Heale, Distiller of Staines, Middlesex 02 February 1686 PROB 11/382
Will of Richard Hale or Heale, Collar Maker of Uxbridge, Middlesex 05 July 1700 PROB 11/456
Will of Thomas Heale, Clothworker of Bradford, Wiltshire 19 November 1702 PROB 11/467
Will of George Heale of Lancaster in Rappahannock, North America 10 March 1709 PROB 11/507
Will of John Haile or Heale, Gentleman now belonging to the Merchant Good Ship called the Orien Zeepe 10 May 1710 PROB 11/516
Will of Joseph Heale, Distiller of Staines, Middlesex 26 October 1722 PROB 11/587
Will of James Heale, Yeoman of West Harptree, Somerset 23 August 1726 PROB 11/610
Will of Daniel Heale, Distiller of Uxbridge, Middlesex 17 March 1727 PROB 11/614
Will of Deborah Heale, Widow of Staines, Middlesex 03 July 1738 PROB 11/690
Will of Cornelius Heale, Yeoman of Hemington, Somerset 29 January 1740 PROB 11/700
Will of John Heal, Gentleman of Frome Selwood, Somerset 26 November 1781 PROB 11/1084
Will of Jeremiah Heale, Armourer belonging to His Majesty's Ship Alarm 18 August 1783 PROB 11/1107
Will of Mary Heale, Wife of Calne, Wiltshire 03 September 1794 PROB 11/1249
Will of Ralph Heale, Clothier of Calne, Wiltshire 04 March 1802 PROB 11/1371
Will of Mary Heal, Single woman of Dyers Court Aldermanbury, City of London 30 March 1803 PROB 11/1388
Will of William Heals, Seaman belonging to His Majesty's Ship Liviathan No on Ships Books 416 16 September 1812 PROB 11/1537
Will of Slater Heale, Clothier of Calne, Wiltshire 03 December 1813 PROB 11/1550
Will of John Heale, Seaman belonging to His Majesty's Ship Victorious 11 October 1815 PROB 11/1573
Will of John Heals, Fisherman of Bradford, Wiltshire 30 April 1817 PROB 11/1591
Will of William Heale of Newington Green, Middlesex 24 December 1819 PROB 11/1623
Will of John Heale 04 August 1820 PROB 11/1633
Will of John Heale, Yeoman of Bromham, Wiltshire 07 June 1822 PROB 11/1658
Will of John Heale, Clerk of Walcot, Somerset 04 June 1829 PROB 11/1757
Will of John Heale, Miner of Charterhouse, Somerset 04 December 1829 PROB 11/1764
Will of William Heale, Gentleman of Clerkenwell, Middlesex 07 September 1830 PROB 11/1776
Will of John Harris Heal, Bedding Warehouseman of Saint Giles in the Fields, Middlesex 03 December 1833 PROB 11/1825
Will of William Healing, Gentleman of Cheapside, City of London 19 September 1837 PROB 11/1884
Will of Mary Heale, Widow of Quemerford, Wiltshire 23 April 1844 PROB 11/1997
Will of Zaccheus Heale, Yeoman in Her Majesty's Ewry Office 17 December 1844 PROB 11/2009
Will of Mary Ann Heale, Widow of No 81 Westmorland Place City Road, Middlesex 15 March 1845 PROB 11/2014
Will of Markham Heale, Gentleman of Calne, Wiltshire 07 May 1845 PROB 11/2017
Will of Thomas Heales, Lieutenant in the Royal Navy of Dalston, Middlesex 12 December 1846 PROB 11/2046
Will of Christian Heale, Widow of Newington Green, Middlesex 15 May 1847 PROB 11/2056
Will of William Heal, Tailor of Fremington, Devon 02 April 1850 PROB 11/2111
Will of Ann Heale of Paddington, Middlesex 02 April 1851 PROB 11/2130
Will of James Heale, Gentleman of Westminster, Middlesex 15 July 1851 PROB 11/2136
Will of Stephen Heal, Batchelor of Ibberton, Dorset 10 October 1855 PROB 11/2220
Will of George Samuel Heales, Proctor of Doctors Commons, City of London 10 January 1857 PROB 11/2244
Will of Mary Heale, Widow of Yatton, Somerset 03 February 1857 PROB 11/2247



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