Hale Wills Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
1631-1648 and 1750-1800


Acts of Administration in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1631-1648.

Hales, Anth., bach., d. overseas, in Spain. To Thos. ROSE & Matt. MERVIN, creds., 30 Mch 1643, p.16.
Hale, Edm., bach., Tewin, Herts. To Wm. PEELE & his w. Eliz. P. als. H., sis., 25 June 1663, p.173.
Hayle als BING, Eleanor see BING (1641)
Haile or Hayle, Hy., ST. M. Whitechapel, Mdx.; d. Winslow, Bucks. To Judith H., rel., 17 July 1637, p.97.
(Hall in Cal.), Jas, City of Westminster. To Thos. H., bro., 20 Jan. 1648, p.3.
Hale, Joan, Ealing Mdx. To Cath HOARE, sis., 2 Sept. 1640, p.151.
Hayle, Jn., Glanford Brigg, Lincs. To Daniel GOULD, cred., 6 Feb. 1632, p.83.
Hales, Thos., Haslingfield, Cambs. To Jn. SWINERTON, cred.; Eliz. H., rel. ren., 28 Aug. 1634, p.45.
Hayles, Thos., d. overseas. To Eleanor PASCALL, cred., 4 Dec. 1638, p.236.
Hale, Thos., Limehouse, Mdx.; d. overseas. To Jane H., rel., 10 Feb. 1643, p.8.
Haile, Walter, Salford, Oxon. To Juliana H., rel., 25 Mch. 1639, p.21.
Hales (in Cal. Halls), Walter, bach., d. overseas. Or at sea. To Hester H., m., of Stephen H., neph. Ex bro. Dur. His min., 23 Oct. 1640, p.159; revk'd.; to Abigail H., m., (by decree), 28 June 1641, p.46.




Wills Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1750-1800.

HALE Abigail Coventry, Warwickshire England January 1750
HALE Abraham Surrey England May 1790
HALE Amy Middlesex England October 1785
HALE Ann Essex England May 1761
HALE Ann, Dame Middlesex England May 1768
HALE Ann Bristol, Somerset England January 1768
HALE Ann Devon England February 1783
HALE Ann Surrey England April 1783
HALE Anthony Gloucestershire England January 1784
HALE Atwood Middlesex England June 1751
HALE Benjamin, Service Surrey England December 1778
HALE Benjamin Wiltshire England October 1790
HALE Bernard, Esq.,
A General of His Majesty's Forces and Lieutenant Governor of Chelsea Hospital
Middlesex England April 1798
HALE Bernet Berkshire England September 1774
HALE Charles, Esq. Devon England December 1795
HALE Christopher London England December 1771
HALE Corbett, Esq. Staffordshire England April 1794
HALE Diana Middlesex England February 1762
HALE Edward Sussex England February 1752
HALE Edward Wiltshire England January 1752
HALE Edward Middlesex England February 1761
HALE Edward Westmorland England July 1770
HALE Edward Worcestershire England September 1775
HALE Edward Middlesex England September 1786
HALE Elizabeth,
A with W
Gloucestershire England July 1762
HALE Elizabeth Middlesex England March 1767
HALE Elizabeth Gloucestershire England August 1777
HALE Elizabeth Middlesex England April 1783
HALE Elizabeth,
now COLE, Ltd Prob
Gloucestershire England May 1789
HALE Elizabeth Middlesex England January 1791
HALE Elizabeth,
A with W of Goods unad, W regd 180 Cornwallis (1793)
Middlesex England April 1792
HALE Frances Hertfordshire England April 1769
HALE Frances Bedfordshire England May 1785
HALE Frances,
Dble Prob, W regd 128 Bogg (1769)
Hertfordshire England June 1795
HALE Henry Southampton, Hampshire England August 1762
HALE Henry Middlesex England January 1779
HALE Israel Berkshire England March 1762
HALE James Bristol, Somerset England April 1759
HALE James Middlesex England February 1776
HALE James,
Kent England September 1785
HALE Jane London England October 1758
HALE Jane Essex England March 1774
HALE Jane Middlesex England September 1784
HALE Jasper Surrey England October 1777
HALE Joanna Oxfordshire England December 1778
HALE John,
Ltd Prob
Bristol, Somerset England July 1750
HALE John foreign parts England September 1757
HALE John Middlesex England December 1759
HALE John London England November 1760
HALE John Hertfordshire England May 1768
HALE John Surrey England December 1770
HALE John Essex England July 1771
HALE John Southampton, Hampshire England December 1775
HALE John Surrey England June 1780
HALE John, Rev. Shropshire England May 1783
HALE John, Esq. Shropshire England October 1785
HALE John,
"Isis", A with W
foreign parts England April 1785
HALE John, Esq. London England October 1787
HALE John Worcestershire England February 1791
HALE John, Esq.
Rear Admiral in His Majesty's Navy
Middlesex England January 1792
HALE John Hertfordshire England January 1793
HALE John Gloucestershire England March 1794
HALE John Pye Surrey England October 1800
HALE Joseph Surrey England October 1782
HALE Joseph,
A with W
Essex England June 1795
HALE Josiah London England December 1769
HALE Leonora Middlesex England May 1785
HALE Lydia Middlesex England July 1767
HALE Mary Middlesex England November 1777
HALE Mary Middlesex England September 1778
HALE Mary Surrey England October 1784
HALE Mary Warwickshire England April 1795
HALE Mary Hertfordshire England November 1796
HALE Mary Wiltshire England May 1800
HALE Matthew Bristol, Somerset England May 1764
HALE Matthew, Esq. Gloucestershire England December 1784
HALE Matthew Middlesex England April 1788
HALE Nathaniel London England May 1772
HALE Paggen, Esq. Middlesex England April 1755
HALE Peter Middlesex England April 1769
HALE Philip, Esq. Essex England December 1761
HALE Rebecca Essex England April 1776
HALE Rebecca Bristol, Somerset England June 1787
HALE Richard Surrey England June 1761
HALE Richard Surrey England October 1766
HALE Robert Middlesex England January 1766
HALE Robert Middlesex England July 1768
HALE Robert Wiltshire England November 1781
HALE Robert Essex England June 1790
HALE Robert Essex England February 1797
HALE Roger Warwickshire England March 1795
HALE Samuel Hertfordshire England December 1778
HALE Sarah Middlesex England July 1776
HALE Sarah Surrey England June 1783
HALE Sarah Surrey England April 1791
HALE Sarah Bristol, Somerset England January 1797
HALE Sarah Worcestershire England November 1800
HALE Thomas Middlesex England May 1782
HALE Thomas Buckinghamshire England February 1792
HALE Thomas Middlesex England March 1794
HALE Thomas Middlesex England October 1798
HALE William Bristol, Somerset England July 1762
HALE William Kent England May 1763
HALE William Buckinghamshire England February 1772
HALE William Middlesex England September 1773
HALE William Bedfordshire England February 1781
HALE William Bristol, Somerset England March 1781
HALE William Middlesex England June 1783
HALE William London England June 1785
HALE William Hertfordshire England September 1793
HALE William Buckinghamshire England July 1798
HALE William Middlesex England June 1800



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