The Hale Family Of Lambeth, Surrey, England; Mount Gambier, South Australia; and Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Generation numbers shown refer to Hale descendency from Henley-On-Thames.


The Family of Henry Early Hale, born 1829, Chislehurst, Kent.

6 Henry Early Hale . . . Click here for Henry Early Hale's story.
Born: January 1829, Chislehurst, Kent.
Baptised: 11 January 1829, St. Nicholas Parish Church, Chislehurst, Kent.
Died: 1 March 1913, Royal Park, County Bourke, Victoria.
Father: William Hale, baptised 15 February 1788, Wokingham, Berkshire, England.
Mother: Alice Early, born circa 1793, London, England.
Occupation : Carpenter.
Abode: (1853) Agnes Street, Lambeth, Surrey.
+Susan Mills
Born: c1831, Camberwell, Surrey, England.
Married: 13 February 1853, St. John's Church, St. John's, Waterloo, London, England.
District: Lambeth, Volume 1d, Page 391.
Died: 4 August 1876, Catherine Street, Richmond, Victoria.
Father: Edward Mills, Brick Layer.
Mother: Unknown
Emigrated: 31 January 1855, Epaminondas.
Abode: (1853) Agnes Street, Lambeth, Surrey.
7 Henry Hale
Born: 2 June 1858, Waverley, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Informant of birth: Sarah Gee, Aunt.

7 Emma Anne Hale
Born: 29 May 1860, Mount Gambier, South Australia.

7 Edward Early Hale
Born: 22 January 1862, Mount Gambier, South Australia.

7 Thomas Early Hale
Born: 21 December 1863, Mount Gambier, South Australia.

7 Susan Annie Hale
Born: 21 December 1865, Mount Gambier, South Australia.

7 Louisa Hale
Born: 21 December 1867, Mount Gambier, South Australia.
Died: 1940 Stawell, Victoria. (No. 18187)
+Robert David Cunningham Ingleton
Born: Fitzroy, Victoria.
Married: 1890 Victoria (No. 8191)

7 William Edward Hale
Born: 15 August 1869, Mount Gambier, South Australia.

7 Alfred James Hale
Born: 24 May 1871, Mount Gambier, South Australia.
*2nd spouse of Henry Early Hale, born Kent:
+Emma Dexter
Born: c1838, Shropshire, England.
Died: 23 November 1890, Swan Street, Richmond, Victoria.
Father: Richard Bennett, Builder.
Married: 1879, Victoria.
7 George Henry Hale
Born: 1880, Richmond, Victoria (No. 11111)
Died: 1944, Bendigo, Victoria (No. 16377), Aged 63 years?



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