The Boys Family Of Portland, Victoria

Generation numbers shown refer to Hale descendency from Henley-On-Thames.


The Family of Sarah Jane Hale, born 1832, Greenwich, Kent.

6 Sarah Jane Hale
Born: 19 April 1832, Blackheath Hill, Greenwich, Kent.
Baptised: 24 June 1832, St. Alfege Church, Greenwich, Kent.
Occupation : Infant School Teacher.
Died: 20 February 1919, Hamilton Place, Hamilton, Victoria.
Buried: 21 February 1919, Hamilton Cemetery.
+Thomas Mold Boys
Born: circa 1830, London, England.
Married: 1 July 1857, St. Stephens C of E, Portland, Victoria.
Died: 13 February 1862, Portland, Victoria.
Father: Thomas Mold Boys, Coach Proprietor.
Mother: Letitia Dring.
7 Walter Boys
Born: 31 July 1858, Portland, Victoria.
Occupation : Telegraph Operator, Post Master.
Died: 1942, Adelaide, South Australia.
+Elizabeth Saunders
Born: 1860, Portland, Victoria.
Married: 15 March 1882, "Rosemount", Koroit, Victoria
Died: 20 June 1886, Leader Street, Goodwood West, Adelaide, South Australia.
Father: Alfred Saunders*.
Mother: Elizabeth Broadbent.

8 Thomas Mold A. Boys
Born: 17 December 1882, Goodwood, South Australia.

8 Walter Mold Anderson Boys
Born: 14 June 1886.

*2nd spouse of Walter Boys:
+Marian Celina Saunders
Born: 1866 Portland.
Married: 19 March 1889, Adelaide, South Australia.
Died: 1949, Adelaide, South Australia.
Father: Alfred Saunders*.
Mother: Selina Morris.

8 Ethel Winifred May Boys
Born: 12 May 1890.
Died by 1942.

8 Alfred Frank Boys
Born: 1892
+Janet Unknown

8 Alice Boys
Born: circa 1893, Adelaide, South Australia.
Died: 1975, Adelaide, South Australia.

7 Alice Letitia Boys
Born: 23 February 1860, Portland, Victoria.
Died: 6 October 1918, Hamilton, Victoria.
Buried: 8 October, Hamilton Cemetery.
+Charles Henry Young.
Born: circa 1865.
Married: 21 August 1889, Adelaide, South Australia.
Father: Charles Young.
Mother: Margaret Bones.

8 Raymond Young.

8 Philip Young.

8 Celia Young.
*2nd spouse of Sarah Jane Hale:
+ William Donald Glasse.
Born: circa 1809, Scotland.
Married: 21 July 1885, at the residence of the bride, Julian Street, Penola, South Australia.
Died: 29 January 1891, Penola, South Australia.
Father: William Charles Donald Glasse.
Mother: Unknown



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