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Wokingham, Berkshire, and Henley, Oxfordshire, England.

Our main area of Hale research is the Wokingham/Henley region of Berkshire and Oxfordshire, England.

We are searching for the father of John Hale, born c1700, from Henley Upon Thames, Oxfordshire, England, who married in 1729 in Wokingham, Berkshire, England. John moved to Wokingham from Henley-On-Thames upon his marriage. Below are two samples of John Hale's signature.

This is the signature of John Hale senior "from Henley". It comes from the marriage of Hannah Hale and Thomas Maurice in Wokingham on 22 December 1754.

This is another specimen of the signature of John Hale senior "from Henley". It comes from the Hurst settlement certificate of Thomas Withers and Mary (nee Hale) dated 3 May 1763.

We are also searching for two Hale girls named Mary Hale, born c1740, and Elizabeth Hale, born c1746, probably both daughters of the above John Hale. Follow the highlighted links above for a family tree and more information about these individuals.

Ewelme, Oxfordshire, England.

We are also researching the family of Edward Hale of Ewelme, Oxfordshire, who was a son of Sir Matthew Hale of Alderley, Gloucestershire. We are looking for the baptisms and marriages of all of Edward's children and grandchildren. Any help that you can give us would be greatly appreciated!

Woolwich, Kent, England.

We are currently researching the family of George Hale of Woolwich, Kent. George was born in Kent c1808, and was living in Woolwich with his wife and children for the 1841 and 1851 census'. Click here to learn more.

We are also searching for a Mary (Ann?) Hale, born 14 May 1812, Woolwich, Kent, England. We believe that Mary may have married a missionary and emigrated to Canada. Unfortunately we have no further details.


David Hale is researching these Hale families. For more information e-mail David here! For more information about these Hale families e-mail David Hale.


Whitehaven, Cumberland, England.

Our other main area of research is the Stevenson family of Whitehaven, Cumberland. Links with the families of Arroll, Taylor, Tyson and Watson are being researched, along with investigation into mariners of Cumberland. The family father, Alexander Stevenson, was a mariner, possibly the captain of a ship. For more infomation click here:

Cumberland Research.



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