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The time demands of the MAPCO : Map And Plan Collection Online website have severely impacted on my ability to respond to questions relating to the Hale-Genealogy.com website (formerly known as The Hale Connection). I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

You may find that the information you are looking for is already displayed on the site. There are over 150 pages of Hale information displayed here, so use the Search box above to check through the site.

Good luck with your family history research!



9 February 2009

The Hale Connection website has been re-christened as Hale-Genealogy.com,
and has a brand new domain name:


The companion map website is still going strong, and to date has had 1.78 Million page views.
Take a look at:

MAPCO : Map And Plan Collection Online




10 February 2006

The Hale Connection now has its own domain name!

Please note our new address and update your bookmark:

The Hale Connection

The companion map site that I have been developing is now up and running. It is at:

MAPCO : Map And Plan Collection Online

I hope that you find the maps of use in your family history research.



28 January 2006

I am currently developing a companion site to The Hale Connection which will contain high quality scans of city maps and plans. The focus is on London maps and also on Adelaide, South Australia, where my ancestors arrived in 1879. The site will be a great research aid, and hopefully will not take me away from this site for any great length of time.

Initially there will be three maps on the site. Follow this link if you would like a sneak preview of Cross's New Plan Of London 1850:

Map And Plan Collection Online

Finally, I realise that I still have numerous unanswered emails from late 2005. Please bear with me... I will be replying to these soon.



1 January 2006

Happy New Year to you all!

You may be interested to know that the site has had 609 hits since December 21... that's about 61 hits a day, compared to the average of 4 hits a day since the site opened in 1999. I assume that people are interested in the new design?

With soaring temperatures here in South Australia (it was 43C here on December 30!) I have been staying indoors quite close to the air-conditioner, doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work on the website. It is all 'boring stuff' to do with the site structure and code, but it all improves the way the site runs and is administered.

I do apologise if you contacted me during 2005 and have not yet received a reply. The website redesign took up a lot of my spare time, but things are looking better for 2006. I am working through all of my unanswered emails from last year, and now have only 40 messages left to respond to! Many of these require research assistance or website updates, so it will still take a little while to catch up. Thank you for your patience.

Best wishes for a healthy, happy and safe year to come.





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