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The items displayed on this page make up part of The Hale Collection. The collection contains documents and items relating to numerous Hale families throughout England.

The Hale Collection Digital Archive consists of Hale items that are not in our possession.

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Indentures relating to the Hale Family of Bush Lane, Cannon Street, London 1789-1882

A collection of 18 vellum indentures relating to properties in Limehouse and Stepney owned by the Hale family of Bush Lane.

1758 Obligation Bond naming Thomas Hale of Hanley Castle in the County of Worcester

Dated 21st February 1758
Mr Thomas Hale & others to Mr James Alcott. Bond of Indemnity.

Signed & sealed by: Thomas Hale (his mark); John Vidilo (his mark); Richard Powell; Michael Backhouse (his mark) & Walter Vicaridge (his mark)
5 red wax seals

'BADGER' - the Reverend Edward Hale, master at Eton.

Vanity Fair portrait by "Spy" of the Reverend Edward Hale, a master at Eton, printed 30th January 1892.

Receipt dated July 10th 1849 for a Bath Chair, London.

Receipt from Thomas Chapman, "Upholsterer, Cabinet Maker, Dressing Case, Desk, & Pocket Book Manufacturer", 22 Edmond Street, Portman Square, London, late of No 9 new Bond St, London. By appointment to HM Queen Victoria.

For Mrs. Hale, the Manufacture of :

A Three Wheel Bath Chair with patent leather head and apron painted green made to order   £ 26.5.0
A Wool Mat   £ 00.5.0
Total   £ 26.10.6

Bill settled July 10th. Signed Thos Chapman. Addressed to Mrs Hale.

Fred W Hale -
Natures Herbal Remedies

Embossed herbal remedy bottle from Frederick W Hale of Covent Garden, London.

Hallmark of Hale And Sons, London

Manufacturers of plate and other metal products, London. Mark from the base of a pewter plate warmer.

Title Page of 'Poetical Meditations' by J.A. Hale

Published by Imray & Co. 1872. 171 pages.

First Edition and Signed by the author: " A.S. Berry, a present from J.A.Hale, March 19th The authoress". Hardback book part leather part blind embossed cloth-bound, green endpages. Gilt edged on three sides.

In the preface the author states "These unpretending poems have been composed under very peculiar circumstances, and on that account only are they commendable to perusal..." J. A. Hale was the wife of a City East India Broker. She wrote the poems and had them published to raise money for a family who, through misfortune, had been hurled from every phase of comfort to abject poverty.

1856 Indenture relating to Joseph Eaton Hale

Indenture dated the 19th day of June 1856. Huge 11 page Indenture between Robert B. Edwards Esq and his Mortgagees to Chas. Heberden and James Dodson Esqes.

1864 Vellum Indenture by J.R. Hale, Law Stationer, 6 Covent Garden, London.

Vellum Indenture of Assignment whereby James Richards of 27 Castle Street, Holborn, London assigns his future share in the estate of Sarah Bonham of Peckham in the County of Surrey to Nehemiah Bennett and his wife Mary Ann Bennett of Finchley in the County of Middlesex for the sum of £5. Indenture dated the 11th of November 1864.

Beautiful decorative title by J.R. Hale, Law Stationer of 6 Covent Garden, London. Red ruled borders. Blue embossed revenue stamp for Two Shillings and Six Pence (2/6d) with silver escutcheoning of Queen Victoria (1837-1901) cancelled by a clear circular date stamp London 11 November 1864. Three red wax seals on green silk threaded tabs at the foot of the document. Indenture measures 67cms x 55cms.

1808 Indenture with signature of William Hale of King's Walden, Hertfordshire

Indenture pertaining to a release between several parties named William Hale of Kings Walden in the county of Hertford Esquire, Fredrick Peter Debme Esquire a Lieutenant Colonel in his majesties army, William Wilshee of Hitchin in the said county of Hertford Esquire and Rev Thomas Garnier of Wickham in the county of Southampton Clerk of the first part; Emilius Henry Delme Radcliffe of the Priory in Hitchin aforesaid Esquire of the second part; John Lightfoot Wilkinson of White Lion Street Spital Square in the county of Middlesex Gentleman of the third part; Edwards Church of White Lion Street Square aforesaid Gentleman of the fourth part. Five Blue Tax Revenue Stamps, and 6 red wax seals.

Nature's Herbal Ointment Pot from Frederick W Hale, 61, Chandos St, Covent Garden

Purports to cure Soreness of the Chest & Lungs, Sore Throat, Rheumatism, Croup in Children, Spinal Diseases, Epilepsy or Fits, Tumours and Ulcers, etc.

Dimensions :
3.7cm tall
1-5/8 inches tall

Heal-All Ointment Pot from Mrs. Ellen Hale

Celebrated Heal-All Ointment
Oils for Rheumatism.
Oils for Bronchitis.
26, York Street.

Size :
Approx 3 inches diameter

Declaration Document dated 6 March 1865 signed by Warren Stormes Hale, Lord Mayor of London

"To all whom these presents shall come I Warren Stormes Hale Lord Mayor of the City of London. Do hereby Certify that on the Day of the Date hereof personnally came and appeared before me Wickam Flower the Declarant named in the Dedication hereunto annexed..."

Attached is a from Wickham Flower of the firm John Wickham Flower of Gracechurch Street in the City of London declaring he and James Child of Gracechurch Street were present together on the Third day of March 1865 and did see Sir Charles Nicholson of 19 Portland Place in the County of Middlesex Baronet sign a Conveyance indenture.

Size: 10 inches x 8 inches
With Wafer seal of the City of London.
On three sheets of paper.

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