Hale Families In Victoria, Australia

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Alexander Hale,
born c1831,
of Portland
Edwin John Hale,
born c1831, of Bradford
George Arthur Hale,
born 1833,
of Buningyong
Harry Hale,
born c1861,
of Cheltenham
Henry Early Hale,
born 1829,
of Richmond
Henry Hale,
born 1822,
of Sale, Bruthen and Bairnsdale
Margaret Hale,
born 1820,
of Prahran & Kangaroo Flat
William Hale,
born 1809,
of Portland


Click here for details of Assisted Hale Immigration to Victoria 1852-1859 extracted from the Index to Inward Passenger Lists, British Ports at the Victorian Public Record Office.

Click here for details of Unassisted Hale Immigration to Victoria 1852-1879 extracted from the Index to Inward Passenger Lists, British and Foreign Ports at the Victorian Public Record Office.

Click here for details of Hale Probates 1853-1949 extracted from the Probate Indexes at the Victorian Public Record Office.




Descendants of Edwin John Hale.

Hale headstone in "J" Section of Maldon Cemetery, Victoria.

Photo courtesy of Ken Davis.

1 James Hale
+Jane Unknown

2 Edwin John Hale . . . Click here for a probable family connection.
Born: c1831.
Died: 21 Jan 1902, Bradford, Victoria.
Occupation: Farmer
+Rebecca Sarah Cropper
Married: c1853, South Australia (Volume 13, Page 234)
Died: 29 Jun 1927, Bradford, Victoria.

3 Rebecca Jane Hale
Born: 16 February 1852, Birthplace not recorded, District of Adelaide, South Australia

3 Edwin John Hale
Born: 1855, Loddon Jun, Victoria (Cert No: 11527)
Died: 27 Jun 1919, Maldon, Victoria.
Occupation: Farmer

3 William George Hale
Born: 1858, Maldon, Victoria (Cert No: 13306)
Died: 2 Sep 1902, Bradford, Victoria
Occupation: Farmer

3 Sarah Eliza Hale
Born: 1861, Maldon, Victoria (Cert No: 3682)

3 James Henry Hale
Born: 1864, Maldon, Victoria (Cert No: 3375)

3 Alfred Richard Hale
Born: 1866, Maldon, Victoria (Cert No: 9257)

3 Charles Edward Hale
Born: 1869, Maldon, Victoria (Cert No: 3318)
Occupation: (1) Carrier ; (2) Orchadist, Forrestfield, W.A.
Died: 10 Jul 1962
+ Mary Ellen Thirley
Born: 3 Dec 1880, England
Married: 26 April 1899, Leederville, Western Australia (Cert No: 860)
Died: 4 December 1968

4 Ellen Marjorie Hale
Born: 1901, Leederville, Western Australia

4 Frederick Charles Hale
Born: 1902, Perth, Western Australia

4 Ivy Rebekah Hale
Born: 1904, Leederville, Western Australia

4 William Alfred Hale
Born: 1906

4 Winifred Sarah Hale
Born: 1908

4 Edwin John Hale

4 Ellen Laura Hale
Born: 1912

4 Rose Mary Hale
Born: 1918

3 Ellen Louisa Hale
Born: 1871, Maldon, Victoria (Cert No: 17385)

3 Elizabeth Jessie Hale
Born: 1874, Maldon, Victoria (Cert No: 9948)


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The Family of Henry Early Hale of Richmond, Victoria, Australia.

A Hale Connection Family

6 Henry Early Hale
Born: January 1829, Chislehurst, Kent.
Baptised: 11 January 1829, St. Nicholas Parish Church, Chislehurst, Kent.
Died: 1 March 1913, Royal Park, County Bourke, Victoria.
Father: William Hale, baptised 15 February 1788, Wokingham, Berkshire, England.
Mother: Alice Early, born circa 1793, London, England.
Occupation : Carpenter.
Abode: (1853) Agnes Street, Lambeth, Surrey.
+Susan Mills
Born: c1831, Camberwell, Surrey, England.
Married: 13 February 1853, St. John's Church, St. John's, Waterloo, London, England.
District: Lambeth, Volume 1d, Page 391.
Died: 4 August 1876, Catherine Street, Richmond, Victoria.
Father: Edward Mills, Brick Layer.
Mother: Unknown
Emigrated: 31 January 1855, Epaminondas.
Abode: (1853) Agnes Street, Lambeth, Surrey.

7 Henry Hale
Born: 2 June 1858, Waverley, Sydney, New South Wales.

7 Emma Anne Hale
Born: 29 May 1860, Mount Gambier, South Australia.

7 Edward Early Hale
Born: 22 January 1862, Mount Gambier, South Australia.

7 Thomas Early Hale
Born: 21 December 1863, Mount Gambier, South Australia.

7 Susan Annie Hale
Born: 21 December 1865, Mount Gambier, South Australia.

7 Louisa Hale
Born: 21 December 1867, Mount Gambier, South Australia.
Died: 1940 Stawell, Victoria. (No. 18187)
+Robert David Cunningham Ingleton
Born: Fitzroy, Victoria.
Married: 1890 Victoria (No. 8191)

7 William Edward Hale
Born: 15 August 1869, Mount Gambier, South Australia.

7 Alfred James Hale
Born: 24 May 1871, Mount Gambier, South Australia.

*2nd spouse of Henry Early Hale, born Kent:
+Emma Dexter
Born: c1838, Shropshire, England.
Died: 23 November 1890, Swan Street, Richmond, Victoria.
Father: Richard Bennett, Builder.
Married: 1879, Victoria.

7 George Henry Hale
Born: 1880, Richmond, Victoria (No. 11111)
Died: 1944, Bendigo, Victoria (No. 16377), Aged 63 years?


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The Family of Margaret Hale of Prahran & Kangaroo Flat, Victoria, Australia.

2 Margaret HALE
Born: 26 November 1820, Strand, Westminster, London, Middlesex, England.
Baptised: 18 February 1821, Saint Mary Le Strand, Westminster, London, Middlesex, England.
Died: 5 May 1917, Kangaroo Flat, Victoria, Australia.
Emigrated: 12 December 1851 from Plymouth on board the Sibella, for Adelaide, South Australia, arriving on 17 March 1852.
Occupation: Domestic Servant.
+George Elsmer (Elsmore) MATTHEWS
Born: 3 December 1816
Baptised: 22 Dec 1816, St Peter Collegiate, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England.
Married: 1856, Victoria, Australia. (Ref. No. 1926)
Died: 17 May 1895, Black Springs, Beechworth, Victoria, Australia.

3 Hephzibah Ellen MATTHEWS
Born: 1 May 1857, Prahran, Victoria, Australia.
Born: circa 18 November 1834
Died: 4 July 1915

3 Margaret Hannah MATTHEWS
Born: 1858, Prahran, Victoria, Australia.
Died: 1859, Prahran, Victoria, Australia.

3 Margaret Hannah MATTHEWS
Born: 9 June 1861, Williamstown, Victoria, Australia.
Died: 13 November 1948, Gawler, South Australia.
+Thomas Wix PHILPS
Born: 25 November 1859, Truro, South Australia.
Married: 9 June 1887, Williamstown, Victoria, Australia.
Died: 23 December 1943, Warburton, Victoria, Australia.


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The Family of William Hale of Portland, Victoria, Australia

A Hale Connection Family


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6 William Hale . . . Click here for William Hale's story.
Born: circa 1809 Woolwich, Kent.
Baptised: 15 February 1829, as an adult, aged about 19 Years, St. Nicholas Parish Church, Chislehurst, Kent.
Occupation : Carpenter & Builder.
Died: 2 November 1889 Portland, Victoria.
Buried: 4 November 1889 North Portland Cemetery.
+Harriet Hale
Born: 6 September 1813 Woolwich, Kent.
Baptised: 26 September 1813, St. Mary Magdalene Parish Church, Woolwich, Kent.
Married: 30 September 1832, St.Nicholas Parish Church, Deptford, Kent.
Died: 26 July 1883, Portland, Victoria.
Buried: 28 July 1883 Portland North Cemetery.
Father: Charles Hale
Mother: Charlotte Fry

7 Mary Hale . . . Click here for Mary Hale's story.
Born: 23 December 1838, 1 New Buildings, Woolwich, Kent.
Baptised: (Assume) 4 May 1854, Portland Wesleyan Chapel, Portland, Victoria.
Died: 1 September 1902, Henty Street, West Portland, Victoria.
Buried: 3 September 1902 Portland South Cemetery.
Cousin to Benjamin HALE of Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia.
+Joseph Tyson Stevenson
Born: 3 August 1841, Whitehaven, Cumberland, England.
Married: 13 January 1863, Dwyers Creek, Victoria.
Occupation: Labourer.
Died: 20 November 1904, Hamilton, Victoria.
Buried: 21 November 1904, Portland South Cemetery.
Father: Alexander Stevenson.
Mother: Elizabeth Tyson.

7 Charlotte Hale
Born: 17 April 1842, New Buildings, Woolwich, Kent.
Died: 1 March 1844, Wellington Street, Woolwich, Kent.
Buried: 10 March 1844, St. Mary Magdalene Parish Church, Woolwich, Kent.

7 Emma Hale
Born: 9 December 1844, 18 Wellington Street, Woolwich, Kent.
Baptised: (Assume) 4 May 1854, Portland Wesleyan Chapel, Portland, Victoria.
Died: 7 July 1913, Hurd Street, Portland, Victoria.
Buried: 9 July 1913, Portland South Cemetery.
+Michael McCarthy
Born: circa 1837, Limerick, Ireland.
Married: 31 March 1864, Presbyterian Church, Portland.
Died: 5 May 1880, Goulbourne Street, Foots Cray, Victoria.
Father: Michael McCarthy.
Mother: Mary Dannihan.
*2nd spouse of Emma Hale:
+James Fletcher Smith
Born: circa 1838, Oxfordshire, England.
Married: 25 July 1888 at the Residence of Mr. J. Stevenson, Portland, Victoria.
Occupation: Farmer.
Died: 31 December 1916, Portland, Victoria.
Buried: 2 January 1917, Portland South Cemetery.
Father: Unknown Smith.
Mother: Unknown Fletcher.

7 William Hale
Born: 5 April 1849, 11 Sprays Buildings, Plumstead, Kent.
Baptised: 4 May 1854, Portland, Wesleyan Chapel, Portland, Victoria.
Occupation: Compositor.
Proprietor, Koroit Express Newspaper, Koroit, Victoria, 1877-1878.
Occupation #2: Woodyard Proprietor / Market Gardener.
Died: 2 May 1922, Adelaide, South Australia.
Buried: 4 May 1922, West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide.
+Emily Cooper
Born: 13 July 1849, Corfu, Greece.
Married: 13 January 1875, The Scotch Church Manse, Belfast, Victoria.
Died: 15 August 1911, Adelaide, South Australia.
Buried: 16 August 1911, West Terrace Cemetery, Adelaide.
Father: Frederick Cooper.
Mother: Mary Ann Dixon.

7 Sarah Hale
Born: 3 July 1851, Sprays Buildings, Plumstead, Kent.
Baptised: 4 May 1854, Portland Wesleyan Chapel, Portland, Victoria.
Died: 26 September 1920, 46 Kepler Street, Warrnambool, Victoria.
Buried: Warrnambool Cemetery.
+Daniel Clarke
Born: circa 1827, Belfast, Ireland.
Married: 22 December 1873, Christ Church, Warrnambool, Victoria.
Occupation: Church of England Mission Worker.
Occupation #2: Photographer and Painter (in oils).
Died: August 1918, Warrnambool, Victoria.
Buried: 11 August 1918, Warrnambool Cemetery
Father: Daniel Clarke.
Mother: Mary Cuthbert.

7 Elizabeth Hale
Born: 7 November 1854, Portland, Victoria.
Baptised: (Assume) Portland Wesleyan Chapel, Portland, Victoria.
Died: 6 September 1921, Gawler Street, Portland, Victoria.
Buried: 8 September 1921, Portland South Cemetery.
+William Henry Cooper
Born: 12 October 1857, Belfast, Victoria.
Married: 21 July 1881, Portland, Victoria.
Occupation: Coach Painter.
Died: 25 September 1938, Percy Street, Portland, Victoria.
Buried: 26 September 1938, South Portland Cemetery.
Father: Frederick Cooper.
Mother: Mary Ann Dixon.

7 Jane Hale
Born: 11 February 1857, Glenelg Street, Portland, Victoria.
Baptised: (Assume) Portland Wesleyan Chapel, Portland.
Died: 21 January 1928, "Roseneatte", 10 Glenelg Street, Portland, Victoria.
Buried: 22 January 1928, North Portland Cemetery.

7 Richmond Hale
Born: 29 October 1859, Glenelg Street, Portland, Victoria.
Baptised: (Assume) Portland Wesleyan Chapel, Portland.
Died: 26 November 1861, Glenelg Street, Portland, Victoria.
Buried: 27 November 1861, North Portland Cemetery.


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The Family of George Arthur Hale of Buningyong, Victoria, Australia.

Born: 23rd February 1833 St. Albans Herts.
Christened: 9th August 1835 Cowley Middlesex
Died: 1st November 1910 Buninyong Victoria
Occupation: Shire Secretary/Engineer Buninyong Victoria
Married: Eliza Lavinia Bock in Buninyong - 9th January 1865 - first marriage in the new Holy
Trinity Church of England.
Born: 19th January 1843 Adelaide S. Aust
Died: 28th May 1913. Buninyong
IMMIGRATION - George arrived in Melbourne on the "Ballarat" in June 1855, aged 22 years.
His older Brother Joseph Richard Hale with his wife Elizabeth (Tucker) had already arrived in Melbourne and living in Dudley St., West Melbourne.
Eliza Lavinia Bock was born - 19th January 1843 in Adelaide - the third of 4 children to Alfred Bessell Bock and Sara (Green).


1. Maude Mary Lavinia Hale
Born: 26th November 1865, Buninyong.
Died: 23rd October 1918, East Malvern.
Occupation: School mistress in Melbourne.

2. Alfred William Hale
Born: 14th May 1867, Buninyong.
Died: 14th December 1941, Brisbane.
Occupation: Banking
Married:1. Margaret Ann Davies in Tarnagulla Vict. - 23rd May 1894
Born: 1869 in Wales
Died: 15th July 1900, Gympie.

2.1. George Eric Hale
Born: 3rd September, 1896. Gympie
Died: 25th December, 1966. Melbourne.
Occupation: Banking
Married: Janet Cameron Mollison.
Born: 6th January,1893. Oban Scotland
Died: May 1976, Melbourne.

2.2. Emma Viola Hale
Born: 17th July 1898 Gympie Queensland
Died: 20th March 1899 Gympie Queensland

2.3. Emma Victoria Hale (Viva)
Born: 8th July,1900 Gympie Queensland
Died: 1971 Melbourne
Occupation: Banking.
Married: 2. Eva Weir Scowen (Nini) in Gympie.
Born: 14th December,1881 - outside Brisbane. Possibly Charters Towers or Rockhampton
Died: 1st June, 1962. Toowoomba.

2.4. Alban Alfred Hale
Born: 1st November,1905. Gympie.
Died: 24th April, 1970 Sydney
Occupation: Stockbroker
Married: 1. Dorothy Olga Dawes. Married - Toowoomba 1930. Divorced.
Born: 20th October 1903. Blackall Q’ld.
Died: 19th September, 1995. Sydney
Married: 2. Alison Hope Neild. Married Sydney 1963.

2.5. Ivor Glenn Hale
Born: 2nd July, 1907. Gympie
Died: 29th September, 1991 Newcastle
Occupation: Banking
Married: Noele Hilda Parr. Married 1944 Sydney
Born: 25th October, 1918. Brisbane
Died: 13th March 1993. Newcastle.

2.6 Lyle Hale.
Born: 9th July, 1912. Gympie.
Died: 20th September, 1996. Gosford
Married: Harry Salisbury Wheeler

3. George Arthur Hale
Born: 2nd December 1868. Buninyong
Died: 28th July 1947. Melbourne.
Occupation: Plumber, South Melbourne
Married: Elizabeth Peart in 1894 at Smythesdale. Victoria
Born: 1868
Died: 16th September 1954. Brunswick

3.1. Frederick Horace Reiny Hale
Born: 1894 St Kilda
Died: 1956 Melbourne
Occupation : (1946 Elect. Roll,age 51) Musical Instrument Repairer.
Married : Mabel Alma Taggart 1920. Still registered on 1946 Electoral roll.

3.1(1). Ruby Elizabeth May Hale
Born: 1920 Carlton Victoria
Died: Unknown

3.2. Hazel Elizabeth Florence Alice Hale
Born: 1896 St.kilda
Died: Unknown
Married: James Holt 1921

3.3. Cora Mary Clarice Hale
Born: 1898 St.Kilda
Died: 1957 Fitzroy, Melbourne.
Married: Alfred Chubb - 1921.

3.4. Blanch Henrietta Leila Hale
Born: 1902 Melbourne East
Died: 1985 Kew Melbourne

3.5. Adelina Emily Laura Hale
Born: 1906 Melbourne South
Died: 1929 Clifton Hill Victoria

3.6. Florence Ernette Hale
Born: 1908 Melbourne East
Died: 1941 Broadmeadows
Married: Phillip Reginald Dell 1939

4. Florence Adelaide Hale
Born: 27th September 1870 Buninyong
Died: 26th April 1923 Geelong

5. Walter Herbert Hale
Born: 19th July, 1872 Napoleons
Died: 21st August 1872 Napoleons - Cot Death

6. Nellie Cassandra Hale
Born: 12th October 1873 Napoleons
Died: 9th June 1925

7. Alban Thornton Hale
Born: 7th September 1875 Napoleons
Died: 1951 S. Hills Victoria
Occupation: Farmer at Lardner, Warragul
Married : Stella Ruby Stewart 1923 Ellinbank
8. Edgar Bock Hale
Born: 16th September 1877 Buninyong
Died: 1st March 1925 Buninyong
Occupation: Shire Secretary Buninyong
Married: Amy Paramor Bunce - 14th April 1914 Holy Trinity Church of England, Buninyong.
Born: 26th July 1880 Creswick Vict.
Died: 22nd July 1952 Ballarat Vict.

8.1. Douglas Edgar Hale
Born: 2nd July 1916. Buninyong
Died: 21st November 2000 Melbourne
Occupation: Electrical/Mechanical Engineering and Quality Management.
Married: 1. Cecile Ruth Alley - 1941
Born: 2nd September 1916
Died:15th July 1974.
Married: 2. Frances O’Kane 10th March 1977

8.2. Kenneth Gregory Hale
Born: 19th January 1920 Buninyong
Died: 7th June 1991 Sydney
Occupation: AIF survivor New Britain campaign(only 200 out of 1,200), Pilot RAAF QANTAS pilot, Jewellery retailer..
Married: Jean Annie Fordham 13th January 1945

8.3. Geoffrey Arthur Hale
Born: 18th February 1921 Buninyong

8.4. Alexander Gordon Hale
Born: 1st June 1923 Buninyong

9. Philip Charles Hale
Born: 9th June 1879 Buninyong
Died: 17th October 1953 Benalla
Occupation: Publican, Benalla (1926 Electoral Roll)
Married : 1. Margaret Amy Mullavey 1st September 1909 Wodonga
Born: 5th October 1884
Died: 23rd April1914 Benalla

9.1. Peter Cecil Hale
Born: 26th October 1910 Benalla
Died: 1975 Benalla
Occupation: (1946 Elect Roll) Clerk, 48 Drummond St. Oakleigh. Melbourne.

9.2. Nellie Evelyn Hale
Born: 4th July 1912 Benalla
Occupation: (1946 Elect Roll) Manageress.
Married: ? Jack ?

9.3. Alfred Charles Hale
Born: 25th February 1914 Benalla
Died: 1967 Euroa
Occupation: (1946 Elect. Roll) Carpenter
Married: Mary Edith Beaton 1938

9.3(1). Patricia Anne Hale
Born: 1943 Benalla
Died: 1944 Benalla
Married: 2 Margaret Ann Mullavey - married 1916 (Cousin of Margaret Amy)

9.4. John Thornton Hale
Born: 19th July 1917
Died: Unknown
Occupation: (1946 Elect Roll) Carpenter, 17 Benson Street, Benalla.
Married: Athol Grant

9.4(1). Lynette Helen Hale
Born: 1961
Died: 1983 Benalla

9.5. Philip Charles Hale
Born: 3rd January 1922 Benalla
Died: 1953 Benalla
Occupation: (1946 Elect Roll) Clerk.

10. Marion Evelyn Hale
Born: 26th June 1881 Buninyong
Died: 1971 Seymour
Married: Donald Mc Vean 1919

11. Ernest Pelham Hale
Born: 25th August 1884
Died: 17th October 1953
Occupation: Publican, Tasmania .
Married: Edith Mary Stubs
Still on 1946 Elect Roll.

11.1. Ernest Roy Hale
Born: 9th April 1915
Died: 18th August 1991
Married: Merle Ivy Benyon (Nee Perry) 25th March 1966

11.2. Edith Betty Hale (Betty)
Born: 7th January 1923
Married: Roger Dickinson, 25th April 1947
Born: 19TH January 1908

12. Robert Cecil Hale (Roy) Lived in New Zealand after 1914-18 war (Gassed).
Born: 4th November 1887 Buninyong
Died: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Married: Mildred Laura Tavender
Died: 1970

12.1. Basil Robert Hale
Born: 1927
Died: 1982 Christchurch
Occupation: Public Servant, Valuation Dept.
Married: Lynette Sylvia Hawthorne
Born: 4th September 1938


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The Family of Harry Hale of Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia.

2 Harry Hale
Born: c1861, Malmesbury, Wiltshire, England.
Died: 7 Aug 1937, Pran, Victoria (No. 7069)
Father: Alex Hale
Mother: Eliza Uzzell
+(1) Hannah Wallis
Born: c1868.
Married: 1889 (No. 8336)
Died: 1895, Prince Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, Victoria.
Father: Hy. Wallace
Mother: Jane Unknown

3 Charlotte Hale
Born: 1889, Hawthorn, Victoria. (No. 31893)

3 Norman Stanley Hale
Born: 1893, Cheltenham, Victoria. (No. 2354)

+(2) Francis Ellen Rowley
Born: Birmingham, England.
Married: 1898, Victoria (No. 7094)
3 Olive Myrtle Hale
Born: c1901
Died: 1902, Cheltenham, Victoria. (No. 13195)

3 Myrtle Olive Hale
Born: 1902, Cheltenham, Victoria. (No. 25126)
Died: 1904, Cheltenham, Victoria. (No. 24605)

3 Albert Clifford Livingstone Hale
Born: 1907, Cheltenham, Victoria. (No. 9483)
Died: 1908, Cheltenham, Victoria. (No. 1162E)

3 Cath Mildred Hale
Born: 1908, Cheltenham, Victoria. (No. 18127)

3 Violet Hale
Born: 1911, Cheltenham, Victoria. (No.2115)

3 Nellie Wade Hale
Born: 1913, Cheltenham, Victoria. (No. 11009)

From the 1881 Census of Great Britain:

Dwelling: Ingram St
Census Place: Malmesbury St Paul, Wiltshire, England
Name Married Age Sex Birthplace
Eliza HALE M 57 F Christian Malford, Wiltshire, England
Relationship: Head
Occupation: Plain Sewer
Fanny HALE U 24 F Malmesbury, Wiltshire, England
Relationship: Wife (sic)
Occupation: Silk Washer
Harry HALE U 19 M Malmesbury, Wiltshire, England
Relationship: Son
Occupation: Silk Spinner
Mary J. HALE U 15 F Malmesbury, Wiltshire, England
Relationship: Grand Daur
Occupation: Silk Winder




The Family of Alexander Hale of Portland, Victoria, Australia.

1 William HALE . . . Click here for a possible family connection. Click here for a possible family connection.
+Euphemia AUSTIN

2 Alexander HALE
Born: c1831
Died: 1909, Portland, Victoria, aged 78 years (No. 2825)
Buried: 3 Mar 1909, South Portland Cemetery.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Occupation 1: Agricultural labourer (at emigration in 1854).
Employed by Frank Henty on arrival in Portland, Victoria.
Occupation 2: Orchardist
Born: c1830, Armagh, Ireland.
Died: 1871, Portland, Victoria, aged 41 years (No. 9296)
Buried: 23 Nov 1871, South Portland Cemetery.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Married: c1854, Ireland.
Father: James JOHNSTONE
Mother: Ann UNKNOWN
Emigrated: together onboard the Hoogley from Southampton, England, to Portland, Victoria, arriving 19 March 1854. They were from Armagh, Ireland.

3 Euphemia HALE
Born: 1855, Portland, Victoria (No. 8281)

3 James HALE
Born: 1857, Portland, Victoria (No. 6858)

3 William HALE
Born: 1860, Portland, Victoria (No. 20656)

3 Mary HALE
Born: 1863, Portland, Victoria (No. 4115)

3 Rachael HALE
Born: 1864, Portland, Victoria (No. 24047)

3 Richard HALE
Born: 1866, Portland, Victoria (No. 23394)

3 Hannah HALE
Born: 1869, Portland, Victoria (No. 10860)

2nd wife of Alexander HALE
+(2) Grace GILL (nee PEARCE)
Married: 1879, Victoria (No. 794)
Died: 30 Sep 1913 at Walook, North Portland, Victoria

3 John Hale
Born: 1878, Po Rt, Victoria (No. 10915)
Married: 1926

The children of Alexander and Jane Hale were baptised at St. Stephens Church of England, Portland.

Will of Alexander Hale

Will of Alexander Hale, Orchardist, granted to Grace Hale, Widow (her X mark) and John Hale.

Freehold land part of Garden allotment 22 town of Portland containing 1 rood 2 perches unimproved.
Value £60-
20 Mar 1909
(John Hale of North Portland, Orchardist)




The Family of Henry Hale of Sale, Bruthen and Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia.

7. Henry HALE
Born: 22 Dec 1822, London, England.
Transported: to Tasmania for robbery in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England. Recorded under "HAYLE/HOYLE" - CON 16/3, p.4 & CON 37/2, p.494 - Arrived TASMANIA on the "Louisa" 28 May 1845. Committed Highway Robbery with another, F GREEN. Description: Sailor by trade, 23 yrs, 5ft, 7 1/2 inches tall, light complexion, small head, light brown hair, small sandy whiskers, long visage, narrow forehead, sandy eyebrows, grey eyes, medium nose mouth chin, Native place - Trowbridge, Protestant, can read & write, Large scars above both knees. Recommended for Ticket of Leave 8 Oct 1851, approved 4 Oct 1853. An interesting entry in brackets is "Johann Ivy Hale" - is most likely an alias.
Died: 2 Jul 1895, Korumburra, Victoria.
Buried: 4 July 1895, Korumburra Cemetery. Grave - Plot Y, 47.
1st wife of Henry Hale:
Born: 2 Feb 1834, Bagdad, Tasmania.
Married: 27 Jan 1852, Glenorchy, Tasmania.
Died: 6 Aug 1866, "Swan Reach Station", Victoria.
Buried: 9 Aug 1866, "Swan Reach Station", Victoria.
Father: John CLOTHIER
Mother: Anne ALDEN

a. Alfred Edward Hale
Born: 20 May 1852, Tasmania, Australia (Ref Number: 1418)
Died: 11 Oct 1853, Tasmania, Australia (Ref Number: 534)

b. Henry Arthur HALE
Born: 15 Jan 1854, Tasmania, Australia (Ref Number: 471)
Died: 1889
Married & had issue.

c. Douglas Thomas HALE
Born: 1857, Sale, Victoria (Ref Number: 8036)
Died: 1860, Victoria (Ref Number: 9489)

d. Elizabeth Jane
Born: 1859, Bruthen, Victoria (Ref Number: 5076)
Died: 1940
Married & had issue

e. George Thomas HALE
Born: 1861, Bruthen, Victoria (Ref Number: 17747)
Died: 1941
Married & had issue

f. Eliza Ann HALE
Born: 1863, Bruthen, Victoria (Ref Number: 21330)
Died: 1946

g. Sarah HALE
Born: 6 Aug 1866, "Swan Reach Station", Bairnsdale, Victoria (Ref Number: 12513)
Died: 1956

2nd wife of Henry Hale:
+Mary HILL (nee FORDHAM)
A widow with 3 living & 7 deceased children.
Born: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Married: 15 Feb 1876, Wesleyan Church, Bairnsdale, Victoria (Registration Number: 262)


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The Family of George and Delphina Jane Hutchison (nee Hale) of Timor, Dunolly and Avoca, Victoria, Australia.

1 Unknown HALE

2 Delphina Jane HALE
Born: c1854, Bristol, England (Source: 1875 Marriage Certificate #767)
Died: 1930, Aged 76, Avoca, Victoria (Source: 1930 Death Certificate #92)
Father: Unknown HALE
Born: c1847, Hobartown (Source: 1875 Marriage Certificate #767)
Married: 1875, Victoria, Australia (Source: 1875 Marriage Certificate #767)
Died: 1912, Aged 65, Avoca, Victoria (Source: 1912 Death Certificate #4067)
Father: George HUTCHISON

3 George Albert HUTCHISON
Born: 1875, Timor, Victoria (Source: 1875 Birth Certificate #5938)

3 Delphina Jane HUTCHISON
Born: 1876, Timor, Victoria (Source: 1876 Birth Certificate #26309)

3 William Hale HUTCHISON
Born: c1876, Victoria
Died: 1957, Aged 81, Forrest, Victoria (Source: 1957 Death Certificate #19633)
+Ethel Blanche BARTLETT

4 Chas Levy Hale HUTCHISON
Born: 1903, Forrest, Victoria (Source: 1903 Birth Certificate #25736)

4 Thos Levy Hale HUTCHISON
Born: 1903, Forrest, Victoria (Source: 1903 Death Certificate #13427)

Born: 1878, Timor, Victoria (Source: 1878 Birth Certificate #26051)

3 Albert Ernest HUTCHISON
Born: 1880, Dunolly, Victoria (Source: 1880 Birth Certificate #22090)

3 Scelina Jane HUTCHISON
Born: 1882, Dunolly, Victoria (Source: 1882 Birth Certificate #15528)

3 Laura Jane HUTCHISON
Born: 1886, Avoca, Victoria (Source: 1886 Birth Certificate #142)

3 Charles Edwin HUTCHISON
Born: 1887, Avoca, Victoria (Source: 1887 Birth Certificate #25533)

3 Violet May HUTCHISON
Born: 1889, Avoca, Victoria (Source: 1889 Birth Certificate #18074)

3 Walter Herbert HUTCHISON
Born: 1893, Avoca, Victoria (Source: 1893 Birth Certificate #9195)
Died: 1894, Aged 8 mo., Avoca, Victoria (Source: 1894 Death Certificate #145)

Born: 1899, Avoca, Victoria (Source: 1899 Birth Certificate #7431)

3 Delphina Jane HUTCHISON
Born: 1901, Avoca, Victoria (Source: 1901 Birth Certificate #271)

3 Laura Lilly HUTCHISON
Born: 1904, Boulder, Western Australia (Source: 1904 Birth Certificate #231)


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